Training Course

GeoMedia Professional Data Capturing - GMPRODC

The goal of this course is to cover the data capturing tools provided in GeoMedia Professional in detail. This hands-on class will increase workplace productivity teaching the student conceptual aspects as well as the mechanics of working with real-world data.

Topics Covered

  • Set Up Options for Inserting New Features 
  • Manipulating Features and Geometry
  • Basics of Inserting  Linear Features 
  • Digitising Using Existing Geometry
  • Inserting Area Features, Holes, and Discontinuous Geometries 
  • Placing Features by Precision Key-In
  • Using Right Mouse Menu Options 
  • Insert Area by Face
  • Editing Features and Geometry 


  • Good knowledge of GeoMedia Professional. Although not essential, delegates will find some background knowledge of GIS and SQL of use on the course. Familiarity with a Windows Operating System is required.


1 Day


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