Training Course

TerraShare - TS1

The goal of this course is to provide students with a overview of how the TerraShare application works. TerraShare is an enterprise infrastructure for geospatial data management and earth imaging production.

This course teaches students how to set up and manage a TerraShare site.

This hands-on class will increase workplace productivity teaching the student conceptual aspects as well as the mechanics of working with real-world data. Students are introduced to TerraShare’s advanced functionality through classroom exercises.

Topics Covered

  • Reporting
  • Using the TerraShare client
  • Managing imagery with TerraShare
  • Combining multiple files into single TerraShare files
  • Using the TerraShare SDK


  • This course assumes that students possess a basic working knowledge of the Windows operating system and the GeoMedia environment. 
  • Some knowledge of setting up a Web site under IIS is useful but not essential.


1 day


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