Design, construction, and operation of offshore facilities

Offshore engineering must deal with many constraints. Space is the major constraint. But extreme weather conditions, deep water, low temperatures, and more create a large challenge for the engineer to develop a sound, reliable, and safe design.

3D Modeling & Visualization

Like electricity, oil and gas production in the offshore industry is at record levels. The demand to extract and process oil and gas from new oil fields offshore has seen a major shift in the technologies and design of floating production facilities used to both extract and process crude oil and natural gas products. SmartMarine™ 3D provides a next-generation, fully integrated design and manufacturing environment to support the design of both offshore platforms as well as the latest FPSO vessels. Space is a major driver for the offshore industry. SmartMarine 3D can handle the dense and complex structural and outfitting designs. Learn more

Engineering & Schematics

Intergraph’s SmartMarine Enterprise Engineering & Schematics tools support the conceptual design phases and provide data back and forth to the engineering tools such as SmartMarine 3D.

SmartPlant P&ID enables engineers to create several design scenarios, have the rules drive the consistency, and access external data sources such as pipe specifications to make sure the design can be built. The control system and electrical solution offer tools to ensure that the offshore structure is equipped with safety and backup systems. Because safety is a major issue, the design can constantly be evaluated for safety and HAZOP studies using SmartPlant Process Safety.

SmartPlant Electrical supports the power distribution design and interfaces with the physical 3D design for cable management.

SmartPlant Instrumentation does the same for controls and associated cables. Reliable power with backups and controls for safety such as fire, water, and shutdown of systems is key for ship and passenger safety. In addition, SmartPlant Instrumentation offers solutions for the design of remote measurement and telecommunication systems on offshore structures. Learn more

Information Management

Engineering, assembling, and operating in hostile environments offshore means information is required quickly at the fingertips. Because resources "on the beach" can be challenged by time, distance, and communication channels, Intergraph's Information Management solutions ensure integrity and information immediacy to support decisions when minutes count. Learn more

Materials Management & Project Controls

For a typical new offshore facility, 10 to 15 percent of the total cost is for engineering design and 50 to 60 percent of the costs are related to material. It is obvious that surplus materials caused by ineffective materials management, even to levels of only five percent, can result in the loss of millions of dollars on an average capital project. Without continuous management and project performance, it is difficult to take the appropriate corrective action to prevent schedule delays. These delays can often be even more costly when they affect the offshore owner's ability to produce and sell the product. Effectively managing these complicated business processes in an integrated environment throughout all phases of the project life cycle is vital. Learn more


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