UK Steering Committee Members

Steve Collings - GWaterUK SIG Chair

Analyst - Information Services, South West Water

Steve CollingsI joined South West Water (SWW) in 1976, became involved with "Digital Mapping" in 1982 utilising river network data. This led to a pilot project to capture the water network data in the Torbay area utilising mappping add-ons to a recently purchased CAD system. The success of that project initiated an ITT for a GIS system for the water network which was won by Intergraph in 1989 with their FRAMME system. 1992 saw the upgrade and expansion of the GIS to include the waste water network.

Today, SWW is running G/Technology with the G/WaterUK model (in an Oracle database) as its corporate GIS, providing access to this and other geographical data via the Intranet/Internet with Intergraph's GeoMedia Webmap.

The newly formed GWaterUK SIG provides a forum enhancing the collaboration between Intergraph and the Water Companies.

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