UK PP&M Course Description

SmartPlant Spoolgen
Course Reference: TSPG2000


What will the course cover?

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to add fabrication and construction information to design isometrics (IDF's and PCF's) from PDS (or any other plant design system that supports ISOGEN), and how to produce spool drawings for pipe fabrication and erection drawings for pipe construction, plus associated reports – bills of materials, welding, cutting etc. It consists of a classroom lecture and lab format that provides the most practical and efficient hands-on reinforcement in the use of tools and procedures.

What are the major topics covered?

  • Interface
    o Pipeline explorer
    o Graphics window
    o Navigation and selection techniques
  • Workflow database
    o Importing pipelines
    o Checking pipelines in/out
    o Comparing revisions
  • Welds
    o Adding
    o Modifying
    o Deleting
  • Weld types
    o Workshop
    o Site
    o Field fit
    o Offshore
    o Tack
    o Shop test
    o Support - fillet, trunnion
    o Special site weld
    o Automatic straight split
  • Adding annotation and other details
    o Drawing split points
    o Pipe supports
    o Couplings
    o Reference dimensions
    o Additional materials
    o Messages
    o Flow arrows
    o Detail sketches / Information notes
  • Advanced features
    o Pipeline, component, spool and weld properties
    o Working with external data
    o Weld and part numbering tools
    o Elbow to bend conversion
    o Weld gaps
    o Adjusting end preparations on pipe and components
    o Defining spec. breaks
    o Cutting and pasting components between pipelines
    o FFW allowance control
  • Drawing production
    o Creating user symbols
    o Configuring drawing and reports outputs
    o Automatic fabrication and construction isometrics

Who should attend?

This course is designed for students who wish to become productive with SmartPlant Spoolgen in the shortest possible time. In addition this course will benefit those who want a deeper insight into this innovative application, than can be achieved through self-paced learning.

How long is the course?

Three days in total, conducted in the following order:

  • Day 1: User training
  • Day 2: Project administrator and configuration training
  • Day 3: Project Administrator and configuration training

What are the prerequisites for attending this course?

  • Knowledge of piping fabrication theory and practice
  • Basic 2D CAD skills
  • Experience of Office type applications and Windows

Would you like to book?

Please e-mail to book your place, quoting the above reference number.


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