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Geospatially integrated solutions to streamline services and the collection, management and application of key information

Around the world, Governments at all levels rely on geospatial solutions from Intergraph. Local, regional and national governments use Intergraph solutions for on-line service delivery, land information management, cartographic production, infrastructure management, mobile working, border security and solutions for Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) including the INSPIRE Directive. These solutions use best-in-class geospatial technology that is open, enterprise scalable and supports industry data standards providing a robust and flexible platform capable of meeting the challenges facing government today and in the future.

Intergraph's experience extends back 40 years to the origins of commercial Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our direct participation with industry and government policy initiatives (such as INSPIRE drafting teams, European Union referenced projects, OGC technical committees) brings the knowledge and experience of industry standards directly to customer solutions.

Solutions for Government

  • GeoMedia Smart Client is the latest addition to the Intergraph GeoMedia product suite, providing an enterprise geospatial platform engineered to support large numbers of users who are unable to operate full desktop products and whose workflows need advanced geospatial functionality that cannot be supported by Web mapping tools.

    "I found [Smart Client] to be more intuitive than most 'lightweight' client interfaces that try to sell themselves as 'robust' GIS solutions. Organizations wishing to deploy GIS to a broader set of users should investigate Smart Client."
    Joe Francica, Editor in Chief, Directions Magazine
  • GeoMedia 3D extends the functionality of GeoMedia through an integrated 3D visualisation and analysis environment.
  • Solutions for Spatial Data Infrastructures and the INSPIRE Directive. Intergraph’s SDI introduces a platform for innovative, integrated and intelligent operations to improve data sharing and collaboration across government functions and interaction with industry and the public. It also helps public sector organisations meet their obligations to publish data under the EU’s INSPIRE directive.
  • eGovernment and on-line service delivery - Intergraph has played a pioneering role in developing Web mapping and on-line service delivery projects including the UK’s pilot National Land Information Service and its first licensed channel TM Search, the Planning And Regulatory Services On-Line 'do I need planning permission' service PARSOL, the Highways Agency's exceptional loads portal ESDAL and the Hague’s on-line property tax service, which was the first map-based system to win the EC e-Government best practice award.
  • Land Information Management - solutions for national, regional and local governments typically include land parcel mapping, land and property valuation, permitting, management of municipal property and planning. At the national level, our land information management solution provides tools for land ownership, land valuation, agriculture and natural resource management.
  • National Mapping and Cartographic Production - Intergraph’s solution provides workflows to collect and manage map data and produce digital and hardcopy cartographic products at varying scales from the databases. Intergraph also provides digital aerial mapping cameras and photogrammetric tools for 2D and 3D data collection.
  • Border Security - Intergraph’s border security solution offers complete intelligence, situational awareness and coordinated multi-agency response. Built on the foundation of Intergraph’s proven command-and-control system, our border security solution combines detection technology with a common operating picture and the power to respond.
  • Mobile Workforce and Field Management - The ability to keep up with maintenance work handled by field crews is crucial. This solution provides the ability to monitor and measure work undertaken by field crews in local governments for operational tasks such as gritting or grass cutting.
  • Municipal Transportation Infrastructure Management - Maintaining and operating a transportation network is a large and complex task. Our municipal transportation infrastructure management solution provides tools to aid you in building and maintaining digital infrastructure models for municipal transportation systems including road and light rail. Also included are tools to analyse the operating conditions of the transportation system and plan improvements for future growth.

Customer Stories

INSPIRE, SDI, collaboration and on-line services

  • GIS4EU - Provision of interoperable datasets to open GI in Europe - GIS4EU project aim is to provide base cartography datasets (administration units, hydrography, transportation networks and elevation themes) for Europe and to ensure its cross scale, cross language and cross border interoperability and accessibility according to standards and to requirements of INSPIRE Directive.
  • SITGA promoting on-line information services in the region of Galicia -
    Intergraph’s GeoMedia® technology provides SITGA with an easy-to-use repository of cartographic information accessible to users across the entire region, and enables the exchange of geodata between the regional government municipalities of Galicia.
  • Segeburg enables inter-departmental collaboration with open web services - With Intergraph’s GeoMedia® technology, Segeberg County was able to gain quick and easy access to accurate up-to-date spatial information, improve customer service and satisfaction, and provide congruent spatial information across all county departments.
  • GISIG Nature-GIS uses Intergraph to create a Web-based geospatial information solution to preserve the European environment.

National Mapping, IACS, Land Management and Cartographic Production

Border Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection

Mobile Working

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