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At DGI 2010, from January 25 to 28th, 2010 in London, Intergraph will introduce its Motion Video Exploitation Solution. Learn more about it in the white paper: Tools and Techniques for the Exploitation of Motion Video, by submitting the form below.

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Intergraph Introduces Motion Video Exploitation Solution at DGI 2010! (January 25th-28th, 2010 in London)
Visit us at Booth #25

As today’s military and intelligence organizations fight terrorism and other threats, it is increasingly important that they expand their data collection and analytical capabilities beyond traditional systems and methods. To this end, there is increased interest in incorporating video data sources, such as those from unmanned aerial vehicles and other unmanned aircraft systems, into existing analytical environments. Intergraph is focused on expanding its rich set of geospatial solutions with applications that provide improved analysis of motion video, integration with other forms of intelligence and geospatial information, and robust management and dissemination of imagery and video data collections. These new applications exploit the power of georeferenced video sources to dramatically improve analytical and decision-making ability.

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