Intergraph for Fire & Rescue Services

Intergraph Fire Mobilisation and Command and Control Systems

Fire services around the world are using Intergraph’s seamlessly integrated solutions – and the success stories are compelling. From the Americas to Europe, to Australia and Asia, Intergraph is a trusted partner helping fire services create a safer world. From planning and response management to investigation and resolution, we’ve given emergency responders around the globe command-and-control capability that’s faster, friendlier to its users and flexible enough to grow with and adapt to changing working practices. Our solutions span entire countries, major metropolitan cities, counties and communities.

Our reputation for service and success has been earned through our many long-term customer and industry partnerships. Trust Intergraph to be your partner. We’ll provide the decision support systems for all your fire services needs.

Solutions for the UK Fire Market

Intergraph provides a tailored mobilising solution for the UK Fire and Rescue Services. Learn More

In addition the strategic UK partnership between telent, Intergraph and Frequentis provides the option of a comprehensive service designed to address the specific technical and commercial requirements of UK fire mobilising systems. By offering a standardised, coordinated framework for products, implementation and services, the partnership lowers risk, compresses project schedules and offers better value for customers. Learn More

Capabilities for Public Safety

Learn more about Intergraph’s overall capabilities and related offerings for Public Safety.

Incident Management - Our Incident Response Management solution provides call-centre and communications centre operators with the tools they need to field calls, create and update incidents, and manage an organisation’s critical resources by providing real-time interaction of crucial data. Combined with historical and local searches, operators are ensured they have the right information available to them when making urgent decisions.

Business Intelligence & Reporting - Public safety agencies generate volumes of valuable data, which is captured in public safety applications such as computer-aided dispatch and records management systems. For instance, your computer-aided dispatch system records vital emergency call information such as time, location, and unit response.

Emergency management - Effective emergency management relies on thorough integration of emergency plans at all levels of government and non-government involvement. Activities at each level (individual, group, community) affect the other levels. It is common to place the responsibility for governmental emergency management with the institutions for emergency operations management, civil defence, civil protection, or within the conventional structure of the emergency services. Intergraph’s emergency management solution supports emergency management activities including prevention and response planning, analysis, monitoring, and recovery for natural disasters and large public events.

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