Intergraph for Police Services

Police Emergency Management and Incident Response Systems

“The information we hold in our systems is the second largest asset after our people.”
Spt. Sue Lampard, Surrey Police.

Uniquely, the breadth of capabilities and the degree of integration offered by Intergraph’s portfolio enable Police forces to realise performance and service improvements. This is achieved through the use of better tools, but crucially by also allowing the inherent value of operational data to be realised by enabling its use across the range of functions that make up a modern Police service.

Capabilities for Public Safety

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Intergraph´s Public Safety solutions.

  • Incident Response Management  Our Incident Response Management system provides call-centre and communications centre operators with the tools they need to field calls, create and update incidents, and manage an organisation’s critical resources by providing real-time interaction of crucial data. Combined with historical and local searches, operators are ensured they have the right information available to them when making urgent decisions.
  • Reporting and Analysis  Public safety agencies generate volumes of valuable data, which is captured in public safety applications such as computer-aided dispatch and records management systems. For instance, your computer-aided dispatch system records vital emergency call information such as time, location, and unit response. Your record management system logs accidents, arrest reports, citations, dispositions, known offenders, gang activity and more. Intergraph enterprise-class Reporting and Analysis adds value to your data by letting you interactively explore the data in industry-standard terms, without having knowledge of the database structure in which it is stored. You can present quality reports from Intergraph applications, visualise and explore information from those applications, and perform real-time performance monitoring using dashboards. You can also distribute and access information through secure portals. These functions are useful in exploring and exposing relationships and trends; improving query capabilities, reporting, and analysis; and helping you achieve operational excellence. Our tools mine the data hidden within your complex database structures, integrate it into your business processes, and improve organisational response.

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