Intergraph Solutions for Rail

GIS for Rail Infrastructure Managment and Rail Operations

Heavy Rail and Light Rail organisations around the world have pioneered the application of geospatial technology (Geographic Information Systems or GIS) to rail infrastructure and operations using Intergraph technology. Close integration of spatial information with operational systems, like SAP, Maximo and MIMS/Ellipse, has helped engineers and managers gain clearer insight into asset performance and improve the efficiency and safety of operations. Other key business functions include security and incident response, environmental management, noise mapping and control, property and land title management.

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Intergraph facilitates an International Rail Advisory Council The International Rail Advisory Council’s (IRAC) objective is to encourage discussions that advance the application of spatial technology to improving rail infrastructure planning, operation, maintenance and renewal as well as safety and security. Learn More

Asset Infrastructure Management

  • Light Rail - London Underground, part of Transport for London, manages the world's first underground passenger railway. JNP (formerly know as Tube Lines), uses intelligent maps to provide a clear view of works and assets on their three, key routes of London's Underground - Presenting textual data as a map enables engineers to visualise the relative locations and conditions of track and assets and see the context in which work needs to be performed.
  • Heavy Rail – Italy’s national rail network, RFI – Italy’s national rail network. Italy’s Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), uses Intergraph® solutions to develop an Interoperable Rail Network model to support modernisation of the national rail infrastructure.

    Germany's national rail infrastructure management company and Europe's largest rail infrastructure provider, DB Netz selected Intergraph for its asset GIS in 2013 to "enable us to increase our data quality and integrity, and the enterprise-wide usage of our spatial infrastructure data"

Rail and Mass Transit Security

Property Management

  • Transport for London (TfL), appointed Intergraph® to implement a cloud-based GIS solution to provide improved GIS performance, greater accessibility and transparency of property assets, supporting a diverse set of users with capabilities to document, maintain, leverage and consult TfL property asset records. Intergraph’s hosted environment consolidates and enhances capabilities and data that were previously spread across in-house desktop systems, a commercial web provider and an external portal.
  • High Speed 1 used GeoMedia to manage the UK’s largest compulsory purchase involving the capture and restructuring of complex title deeds to support transactions for over 6,500 land parcels covering the permanent way for the 113-km long rail link between London and the Channel Tunnel.
  • VicTrack, Australia - VicTrack’s property database was also used in the privatisation process to define the land that would be leased to the various rail operators. Today this database tracks amendments to the boundaries of these leases due to rail infrastructure improvements and rail land developments. VicTrack required a solution to disseminate this information easily and without imposing a demand on resources.


  • Noise mappingRail operators use Intergraph to support a range of environmental functions from habitat surveys to meeting their obligations under EU Directive 2002/49/EC for the assessment and management of environmental noise. Projects include production of national mapping and modelling and publication on public, self-service information portals.


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