Intergraph Integrated Security Solutions

Integrated security systems for critical infrastructure, transport border, and major event security

Intergraph, the leading provider of integrated spatially aware security solutions, has been building specialised public safety solutions for two decades - improving emergency response and protecting the lives of one in 12 of the world's population.

Intergraph provides real-time operational systems for public safety and security organisations around the world including some of the largest airports and metro
systems, major events from the Torino Winter Olympics to the Pan-American Games, G8 and G20 Summits in Europe and North America, national border security agencies and emergency services organisations from Toronto to Mumbai.

Intergraph solutions give you the power to respond by enabling quick, accurate decisions that protect people, infrastructure and resources. Our reliable, integrated incident management capabilities transform vast amounts of data into intelligent information, enabling public safety agencies to operate across the complete public safety spectrum; make better, faster decisions; and distribute information wherever it is needed most.

Our multi-agency interoperability gives you tools for a coordinated, cross-jurisdictional response, which helps maintain public order and safety, while streamlining workflow processes. Our analysis tools improve response to incidents, and give you the information you need to better allocate prevention resources. Mobile access gives field officers the information they need for more appropriate response, leading to clearer insight into incident locations.

Intelligent Security Solutions

  • Border Security
  • Critical infrastructure Protection
  • H20 - integrated solution designed to improve the construction, operability, and security of water management systems such as major dams and reservoirs, while also ensuring the safety of neighboring communities in the event of emergency.
  • Transport Infrastructure Security - While many current transportation security systems only detect and possibly assess potential security threats, our solutions enable you to prepare for, prevent, detect, respond to and recover from an event.
  • National Security and Major Event Security - Our technology helps decision makers see security and public safety threats, incidents, resources, and activities more clearly by providing a common operating picture for critical infrastructure protection, border security, consequence and incident management, cyberspace protection, and geospatial intelligence. We streamline key processes, add intelligence, and provide a integrated spatial environment that improves security, increases efficiency, reduces response times and increases visibility of resources.
  • Solutions for Public Safety
  • Military Installation and Force Protection - Intergraph’s solution helps you pull together data from physical security systems to make sense of chaotic situations caused by asymmetrical or conventional threats. At its core is our proven and widely deployed public safety computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system that supports interoperability among responders and is used successfully throughout the public safety and security communities.

Intergraph Customers

Transport Infrastructure

Major Event Security

  • Pan-American Games - Intergraph delivers emergency incident response, planning and reporting software for the Pan American Games. More than 5,600 athletes from the Americas and 1.3 million spectators attended the Pan American games in Rio, which has a metro population of nearly 14 million people.

Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory - A prominent research centre for nuclear weapons and homeland security technologies, LANL selected Intergraph to provide a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional emergency dispatch system.
  • Naval District Washington - Intergraph's system for the Naval District Washington that integrates computer-aided dispatch, geographic information systems, alarms, security technologies and radio systems to support Navy antiterrorism and force protection initiatives.

Border Security

Research Programmes

  • The European Emergency Support System (ESS) is a suite of real-time data-centric technologies which will provide actionable information to crisis managers during abnormal events. This information will enable improved control and management, resulting in real-time synchronisation between forces on the ground and out-of-theater command and control centres.
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