Secure, manage, and maintain your transportation operation

Every day, transportation networks and operations worldwide are faced with thousands of decisions needed to keep intelligent transportation systems running smoothly and safely. Intergraph transportation solutions help keep people and assets moving safely and efficiently across the world. Road, rail and transit agencies, as well as airports and seaports, use these solutions to secure, manage and maintain their transportation infrastructure. From visualising roadway assets and congestion, directing capital and operational expenditure in rail, to helping simplify monitoring and speed response to security-related issues, our solutions provide you with the awareness you need to keep operations efficient, reliable and safe.


  • Transportation Security Recent world events underscore the need to improve transportation security. Airports, mass transit systems and seaports have all been targets of terrorism due to the high concentration of travellers, the potential for disruption to commerce and the limited security measures they have historically implemented. Our solution integrates computer-aided dispatch, incident management and third-party detection devices to provide an easy-to-understand, common operating picture. We empower you to secure vulnerable areas, detect and assess threats and respond quickly and effectively to all types of security and public safety incidents.
  • Rail Infrastructure Management Heavy Rail and Light Rail customers around the world have pioneered the application of geospatial technology to rail operations using Intergraph technology. Close integration of spatial information with operational systems, like SAP, Maximo and MIMS/Ellipse, has helped engineers and managers gain clearer insight into asset performance and improve the efficiency and safety of operations. Other key business functions include security and incident response, environmental management, noise mapping and control, property and land title management.
  • Road Infrastructure Management  Transportation agencies are responsible for managing massive amounts of information relating to highway assets. Our road infrastructure management solutions help you collect, maintain and analyse these assets’ data, delivering a central platform upon which you can plan, operate and maintain an ever-improving intelligent transportation network. Included are the geospatial location of the assets, the graphic representation of networks and their geospatial context in the form of clear and easy to understand maps. This solution includes workflows to build and manage infrastructure models, analyse current working conditions of the infrastructure, plan infrastructure improvements and plan future growth.
  • Automated Routing for Oversize/Overweight (OS/OW) Vehicles Safe and efficient routing of oversized and overweight vehicles is key to successful highways operations. An automated system can streamline workflow processes, improve the safety of vehicle movements, and help preserve transportation infrastructure. Intergraph’s complete system allows transportation agencies to automatically generate safe travel routes, utilise temporary changes in road conditions in real-time, and log routes for simple tracking – all through an easy-to-use, web application.
  • Airport/Seaport Infrastructure Management Airports and seaports are responsible for managing water, wastewater, storm water, and transportation systems. Intergraph's infrastructure management solution provides tools to build and maintain digital infrastructure models for airports and seaports. The solution lets you analyse the working conditions of current infrastructure and plan for infrastructure improvements as demands change.
  • Public Services Intergraph's public services solution allows government organisations, businesses, and public citizens to access government information and complete transactions through on-line services.
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