Intergraph's Z/I Imaging solutions deliver high-quality digital imagery and give you a seamless photogrammetry workflow

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Intergraph’s photogrammetric solutions support all your earth imaging requirements, from data acquisition to exploitation and data distribution. We provide the tools you need to produce maps, digital terrain models, orthophotos, and other geographic data that government, military, and commercial organizations require. Our end-to-end earth imaging solutions include digital aerial cameras (the first large format digital camera to be certified by the United States Geological Survey), photogrammetric workstations, flight management and post-processing systems, as well as a full photogrammetric data exploitation software suite. Intergraph solutions for photogrammetry give you ease of use, data accuracy and precision, and performance throughput, throughout your entire project.

  • Image Acquisition - Intergraph’s industry-leading technology includes flight and sensor management systems and image capture using the industry’s first large-format digital aerial camera. Intergraph’s image acquisition solution captures high-quality digital imagery, providing superior image quality even in reduced light conditions. Our post-processing solution allows unattended and fast image processing, resulting in high throughput and extremely accurate digital aerial images.
  • Geospatial Data Production - Intergraph's geospatial data production solution provides a complete workflow for capturing geospatial data over the aerial and satellite digital images to produce cartographic maps, digital terrain models, and orthophotos, and also to support data exploitation and image distribution management. Our geospatial data production solution provides you with the detail, accuracy, and data exploitation abilities required for the most critical applications. Government and commercial photogrammetry/mapping agencies all around the world depend on Intergraph for automatic georeferencing, 3D geospatial data collection, automatic terrain elevation generation, and automatic ortho production. Our ImageStation software suite provides the most comprehensive photogrammetric production for the earth imaging market.


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