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Intergraph public safety solutions give you the power to respond by enabling quick, accurate decisions that protect people, infrastructure, and resources. Our reliable, integrated incident management capabilities transform vast amounts of data into intelligent information, enabling public safety agencies to operate across the complete public safety spectrum; make better, faster decisions; and distribute information wherever it is needed most.

Our multi-agency interoperability gives you tools for a coordinated, cross-jurisdictional response, which helps maintain public order and safety, while streamlining workflow processes. Our analysis tools improve regional crime solving and response to incidents, and give you the information you need to better allocate prevention resources. Mobile access gives field officers the information they need for more appropriate response, leading to lower crime rates and clearer insight into incident locations.

From small towns to large cities in more than 24 countries worldwide, public safety agencies rely on Intergraph technologies to help them protect and save lives and property. Our people and products are dedicated to supporting the modernization of public safety incident response systems and establishing regional, interoperable security networks to safeguard our communities and create a safer world.

  • Computer Aided Dispatch - Our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system provides call-center and communications center operators with the tools they need to field calls, create and update incidents, and manage an organization’s critical resources by providing real-time interaction of crucial data. Combined with historical and local searches, operators are ensured they have the right information available to them when making urgent decisions.
  • Mobile Dispatch and Field Reporting - Our mobile dispatch solution extends our CAD and records management systems into the field, using wireless technology to put information — and controlled interaction — in the hand of every officer. Designed for in-vehicle devices, tablet-PCs, and hand-held personal digital assistants (PDA), Intergraph’s mobile dispatch solutions will match any organization’s needs. Our solution enables field officers to perform back-ground checks, and updates their location and availability status, reducing the amount of routine radio traffic in the control room. This allows dispatchers to concentrate on the management of active critical incidents.
  • Reporting and Analysis - Public safety agencies are continuously seeking new ways to use spatial analysis and mapping to enhance operational effectiveness and measure performance. Both computer-aided dispatch solutions and records management systems collect and manage valuable operational data, which is spatially referenced with accurate location information recorded for each incident. With Intergraph's mapping and analysis software solutions, public safety agencies have a new opportunity to make use of the geospatial information routinely captured in their public safety applications.
  • Public Safety Law Enforcement Records Management - For many police departments, managing and tracking the daily influx of information — such as accident and arrest reports, citations, depositions, summons, and much more — can be an overwhelming task. Intergraph’s records management solution links people, property, places, and other related records into one central database, increasing law enforcement efficiency and effectiveness. Dramatically increasing agency efficiencies and effectiveness, these systems help public safety personnel create, query, and manage law enforcement records in a secure, reliable environment, and deliver National Incident-based Reporting System (NIBRS) and Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) reports to state governments. In addition, our Jail Management application provides a variety of features for jail management, automating jail management functions to ensure due process and providing necessary documentation of all inmate activities from initial booking to release.
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