Secure, manage, and maintain your transportation network

Transportation networks worldwide are faced daily with thousands of decisions needed to keep intelligent transportation systems running smoothly and safely. Intergraph transportation solutions help keep people and assets moving safely and efficiently across the world. Transit agencies, airports, and seaports use these solutions to secure, manage, and maintain their intelligent transportation network. From visualizing roadway assets and congestion to helping to simplify monitoring and speed response to security-related issues, our solutions provide you with the awareness you need to keep systems efficient, reliable, and safe.

  • Transportation Security - Recent world events underscore the need to improve transportation security worldwide. We empower you to secure vulnerable areas, detect and assess threats, and respond quickly to all types of security incidents.
  • Road and Rail Infrastructure Management - Transportation agencies are responsible for managing massive amounts of information relating to roadway and railway assets. Our solutions help you collect, maintain, and analyze these assets, delivering a central platform upon which you can plan, operate, and maintain your transportation network.


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