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3 New Products for Situational Awareness

  • Our partnership with Intrado, Inc. puts the power of Beware, the company’s cloud-based intelligence tool, into our CAD and mobile applications.
  • New CAD tools make it easy to leverage video data for response and investigations.
  • Our mobile technologies extend command and control to authorized field personnel on today's popular devices.

Improving 9-1-1 Processing and Response Times

  • Integrating alarms into PSAPs can send alarm data to call centers in less than five seconds.
  • Learn about the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP), an ANSI-approved standard and a joint partnership of APCO, CSAA and NLETS.

Texting to 9-1-1, Integrated Sensors, and Intelligent Notifications

  • Now PSAPs can receive emergency text messages and integrate them into CAD.
  • Our software integrates sensors, video, access control, and other systems to improve situational awareness.
  • Intelligent notifications let you quickly share critical data, including multimedia, on a variety of devices.

Smarter Decisions for Productivity

  • We've extended the reach of CAD from the PSAP to full accessibility in the field.
  • New features in our web-based products reduce training time, aid in navigation, and let you choose from a variety of browsers.
  • Our solution offers an innovative approach to rapid interface deployment and a breakthrough in interoperability and integration

3 Ways to Improve Records Management and Analytics

  • We're adding value to incident and performance data with our Business Intelligence for Public Safety software
  • Our BI Direct tool will provide CAD and WebRMS customers with built-in analytical capabilities, ad hoc reporting, and more
  • inPURSUIT WebRMS combines enterprise data management with the benefits of a web-based thin client


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