SmartPlant® Cloud Technical Features

Working with SmartPlant Solutions to bring all of your data within reach.

SmartPlant® Cloud is Intergraph®'s latest engineering ecosystem - a single, unified, and secure computer environment which can contain multiple projects and user communities.

Designed for phased implementation by O/Os and EPCs, SmartPlant Cloud encompasses all SmartPlant applications, customer applications, and third-party applications, effectively enabling optimized work processes in the evolving configuration, operation, and maintenance of a plant, as well as in CAPEX projects.

Key Features:

  • Multi-tenancy infrastructure, capacity on demand for the full engineering life cycle
  • Global access through the use of high-quality regional data centers
  • Global 24x7 support, essential for globally executed engineering projects via Hypercare
  • Scalability: Flexible, elastic, and highly scalable architecture
  • Standard import and export data interfaces: Customer data can be transferred between SmartPlant software products and customer in-house applications.
  • Web access: SmartPlant Cloud uses Citrix technology to transform the SmartPlant software products (most of which are client-server type applications) so that they are capable of being accessed over the Web
  • Usage and pricing flexibility: Customers can change the number of licenses and the number of users each month and pay as they go. Services can be brought together in a simple, single commercial fee per month based on usage
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface/web portal
  • Off-site disaster recovery: A disaster recovery (DR) site is available in standby mode. It replicates all file and database data from the production site to the DR site in real time.

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