How Can You Increase Safety in the Engineering Enterprise?

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Intergraph® SmartPlant® and SmartMarine® Enterprise solutions can help to increase Safety in the Engineering Enterprise by enabling you to design, build, and operate safer, more reliable plants, offshore structures, and ships. Intergraph’s safety solutions bolster these prime areas of concern: process safety, personnel safety, facility safety, and environmental safety. See Safety Information Center


Rules-based design capabilities in Smart 3D can help you design better, safer plants and marine structures by incorporating safety rules and considerations into the design system. Rules-based design and continuous interference checking can act as a “watch dog” by flagging hazards and proposing solutions. Read more.

Engineers and designers can take immediate action, essentially validating the design as it evolves. This produces more error-free design, minimizing costly modifications during construction and lowering the risk of incidents sometimes caused by these poorly documented onsite changes. Additionally, Smart 3D can assist in conducting more efficient explosion impact studies and area classifications.

Intergraph solutions also can dramatically reduce the time in takes to perform HAZOP analyses through automation. Time-savings allow for more frequent studies at a lower cost while increasing consistency and auditability, as well as producing cause-and-consequence reports that enable engineers to make quick and correct risk mitigation decisions.



In the operations and maintenance phase, Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators helps maintain the accuracy of vital design, engineering, and operations data. Any changes are thoroughly documented, ensuring that data needed downstream is correct, up to date, and quickly accessible – even in potentially dangerous situations. Read more.

SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators also provides traceability of plant changes and auditability of the management of change (MOC) process. This audit trail is essential in demonstrating compliance with regulations.
As the plant moves through its life cycle, the corporate safety knowledge base continues to build, offering procedures and data for use in other facilities and in the future. Intergraph engineering and information management tools also can assist in identifying, preventing, or managing safety issues, such as streamlining leak detection and repair.

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Intergraph offers the SmartPlant Safety Solutions to reduce your risk in capital projects and plant operations.

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