Field Equipment Management

The ability to manage field operations handled by field crews is crucial. This solution provides you with the ability to monitor and measure equipment used by field crews in local governments for operational tasks such as snow removal, sand spraying, or grass cutting.

  • Key Benefits
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Key Benefits

  • Improved Field Crew Management - Timely and complete information of field equipment usage and operations improves field crew management
  • Improved Data Accuracy - Data collected at the point of entry in the field improves data accuracy
  • Improved Accountability - Ability to track work progress in the field and monitor individuals improves accountability


  • Mobile Resource Monitoring - This application provides you with the capability to monitor field crew equipment relative to location, time in use, and specific equipment measurements. Examples may include blade engagement time on snowplow equipment, amount of sand used in sand spraying, or amount of time grass cutters are engaged. This information is collected and communicated back to central offices for report generation.



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