Mapping and Cartographic Production

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Intergraph’s mapping and cartographic production solution allows you to collect, manage, and produce cartographic products. Our solution includes geospatial tools to collect data, manage the data, and produce geospatial mapping products. Mapping agencies use the data to build and maintain a landscape model database and a cartographic model database. Our solution can be used to produce digital and hardcopy products at varying scales from your geospatial databases.

Intergraph’s Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) application gives you the ability to collaborate and distribute geospatially related data. Our SDI application provides you with the technology framework you need for cost-effective and efficient communication involving geospatially related information.

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Key Benefits

  • Intergraph History - Intergraph has been delivering mapping and cartography solutions for more than 25 years.
  • Geospatial Foundation - Mapping collection, management, and production tools on our geospatial foundation provide easier data management, easier access to many data sources (including OGC support), productive data fusion, and cartographic quality map layout and rendering.
  • Cartographic Database - Intergraph’s cartographic database helps you maintain cartographic edits separately from the source data. This will shorten map product revision workflows.
  • Government Collaboration - The ability to share geospatial data and services enables governments to better cooperate across departments, with other governments, and with businesses.
  • Legal Compliance - Web-based tools for distributing data and Web services follow OGC and ISO standards to ensure legal compliance.
  • Lower Deployment Costs - You can experience lower deployment costs with Intergraph solutions using pre-configured data models and user interfaces.

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