Interoperability Programs

Intergraph is a founding and Principal member of the Open Geospatial Consortium Inc. (OGC™). As a founding member, Intergraph takes an undeniable lead in supporting interoperable solutions that “geo-enable” mainstream IT and the Web. Intergraph’s long-standing support of OGC, coupled with the top membership level, affirms its strong commitment to open geospatial interoperability.

As a Principal member, Intergraph provides significant resources over and above those provided by other members. Special functions include taking an active role in setting the direction of OGC technology specification activities and facilitating the use and acceptance of its technology in markets of strategic value to the OGC and its member organizations. In addition to the responsibilities of Principal membership, Intergraph has entered into an agreement to work closely with the Consortium’s members and staff to create special programs designed to enhance effectiveness in selected areas of OGC operation.

Intergraph is dedicating a staff resource to OGC, focusing on advancing interoperability in the area of Critical Infrastructure Protection. Additionally, Intergraph engages in strategic planning as a member of both the OGC Planning Committee and the OGC Strategic Advisory Committee. The company also participates in OGC Technical Committee programs to collaboratively define and approve spatial interface specifications that support interoperability.

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