Incident Management with CAD 9.3

Intergraph’s® Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system leverages
next-generation communications, improves mobility and safety, and reduces the time and cost to deploy new technologies. You can make smarter decisions and respond to incidents faster while making the most of limited resources.


What's New in CAD 9.3?

Next-Generation Communications
  • Integrated Voice, Text, and Data. Our add-on Intergraph Communications Controller provides next-generation call control and support for multimedia.
  • Combined Call-taking and Dispatching. The Intergraph
    Communications Controller integrates call-taking, dispatch, and radio in a single workstation for efficient operations.
  • Display of Incoming and Unanswered Calls. By letting you visualize incoming and unanswered calls on a map, you have critical information earlier in the process.
  • Better Interoperability. Intergraph CAD’s flexible architecture and EdgeFrontier interface development solution, lets you rapidly connect to different communications systems.
Mobility and Safety
  • Person-level Tracking. Tracking of individual responders permits real-time risk assessment and better resource management.
  • Better Situational Awareness. Our technology lets you attach picutures and video to a CAD event and send them to responders in the field.
  • Constant Access on Smartphones and Tablets
    With Mobile Responder, field personnel can gain real-time CAD information wherever they go on mobile devices.
  • Better Maps, Simpler Tools. Enhancements in Mobile for Public Safety include new maps that align to the direction of travel and other user experience improvements.
Reduced Time and Cost
  • Faster, Simpler Interface Development. EdgeFrontier saves time by reducing or eliminating custom interfaces used in implementations, upgrades, and new technology
  • Easier, less expensive installations. Our smartphone and tablet solutions are cheaper and quicker to deploy than other options, and integrated workstations reduce hardware support costs.
  • Streamlined Map Updates. Our new streamlined workflows improve map rolls by simplifying map creation and updates. This ensures accurate, up-to-date maps for faster response.
Business Intelligence
  • Analytics and Reporting. Business Intelligence Direct, built into CAD, lets you easily run preconfigured reports for incident monitoring, response times, and other performance indicators. Putting this information to use helps you improve operations to save time and money. Additional Business Intelligence solutions are available separately.
Law Enforcement Records Management
  • Remote content management capability pushes updates to the Mobile for Public Safety client, simplifying system administrator update tasks and keeping versions current
  • Fire template updates in Mobile for Public Safety improve support for fire workflows with less configuration required
  • New map display on mobile devices enables a geospatial view of events and units
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