Incident Management with I/CAD 9.2

Intergraph’s Incident Management solution provides communications center operators with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) tools for visibility into incident details. This is critical for agencies to provide a coordinated response that supports data-sharing and mutual aid workflows. Our web-based software ensures the right information is available for making urgent decisions, and our mobile solutions help field personnel improve response by accessing CAD data with a handheld device, enabling faster, smarter decisions.

Intergraph's latest CAD release, I/CAD 9.2, helps police, fire, EMS, and security agencies act fast to save lives and property. We’ve added new features, enhanced communications integration, added web capabilities, broadened interoperability, improved the mobile experience, and made other enhancements that streamline your workflows and add value to your system.


What's New in CAD 9.2?

New Features
  • Connect I/CAD to other systems using third-party message hubs
  • Generate a perimeter and send information to mobile units, providing quicker response for time-critical workflows
  • Improved interface with key questioning tools for more flexibility in configuring information
  • Support for Department of Justice (DOJ) and Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security standards for greater security in the CAD system
  • New National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certified encryption algorithms at the Microsoft® operating system level for critical data security
  • Streamlined patient transport using improved planning capabilities and more efficient workflows
  • Integration between I/CAD 9.2 and inPURSUIT WebRMS or I/LEADS Records Management System
Communications Integration
  • Integration of text messaging and intelligent notifications, including SMS Text Support for standardized exchange of short text messages
  • Automatic handling of intelligent notifications, allowing agencies the flexibility to share real-time information on a variety of devices
Web-based Dispatch
  • Interface refresh raises productivity and reduces training time
  • Automatic monitor updating provides the latest “live data”
  • Support for a variety of browsers, device types, and platforms
Enterprise Interoperability
  • Simpler connections to third-party devices with our EdgeFrontier® middleware allows detailed, real-time information to be gathered from cameras, sensor systems, and networks
  • Rapid deployment of interfaces, such as notifications, inbound alarms, outbound data push, two-way interoperability, and more
  • Information exchange using National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) standards for improved mutual-aid workflows
Mobile Technologies
  • Remote content management capability pushes updates to the Mobile for Public Safety client, simplifying system administrator update tasks and keeping versions current
  • Fire template updates in Mobile for Public Safety improve support for fire workflows with less configuration required
  • New map display on mobile devices enables a geospatial view of events and units
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