Next-Generation Incident Management

Intergraph’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) 9.3 system leverages
next-generation communications, improves mobility and safety, and reduces the time and cost to deploy new technologies. Our solution accelerates smarter decisions and speeds response while making the most of limited resources.


What's New?

Next-Generation Communications
  • Integrated Voice, Text, and Data. Our add-on Intergraph Communications Controller integrates voice and text calls with video and photo attachments for better situational awareness.

    Combined Call Control and Incident Creation. Our solution integrates call control and call-taker functions in one convenient environment.
  • Display of Incoming and Answered Calls. The ability to visualize incoming and answered calls on the map lets you begin call assessment earlier in the process.
  • Better Interoperability. Our flexible architecture, along with our EdgeFrontier product, is ready to support evolving next-generation standards and communications.
Mobility and Safety
  • Person-level Tracking. By tracking individual responders outside their vehicles, you can assess risks in real time and better manage resources.
  • Situational Awareness. Our technology lets you share pictures and video associated with events to gain insight into what's happening at the scene.
  • Constant Access on Smartphones and Tablets
    With Mobile Responder, field personnel have real-time CAD information wherever they go on mobile devices.
  • Better Maps, Simpler Tools. Enhancements to Mobile for Public Safety include new maps that can align to the direction of travel, a convenient "patrol dashboard," and other user experience improvements.
Reduced Time and Cost
  • Faster, Simpler Connections. EdgeFrontier replaces the need for version-specific custom coding, and allows agencies to manage their own interfaces.
  • Easier, less expensive installations. Our smartphone and tablet solutions are cheaper and quicker to deploy than other options, and integrated workstations reduce hardware support costs.
  • Streamlined Map Updates. Our streamlined workflows improve map rolls by simplifying map creation and updates.
Business Intelligence
  • Real-time Operational Reporting. Business Intelligence Direct, built into CAD, gives you real-time operational reporting to monitor incidents, response times, and other performance indicators.
  • Analysis of "Big Data." Optional Business Intelligence solutions are available for analysis of large volumes of data over time.
Law Enforcement Records Management
  • Web-based Records Management. Add even more value to CAD by integrating our web-based records management system! inPURSUIT WebRMS combines enterprise records management with the benefits of a web-based, thin-client application.
  • More Flexibility, Lower Cost. Since there’s no need to load software on fixed PCs, our WebRMS adds flexibility while reducing total cost of ownership.


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