Win a Free Security Consultation at Secured Cities, Booth 8
November 10-11, Baltimore, Maryland

Enter to Win a Free Security Consultation - $1000 Value!
Speak to one of our experts and earn a chance to win a free consultation from our Sensor and Video Integration team! We'll perform a high-level site survey*, discuss your security needs (Concept of Operations, technologies, challenges, risks, lessons learned, etc.). Then, we'll prepare an outline, while on-site, of recommendations to meet your goals. This half-day consultation is worth $1000 and there's no obligation!

*A member of the Intergraph team will travel to your site at Intergraph's expense. Offer valid only in the continental USA.

Discover Sensor and Video Integration for Security and Operations

Intergraph's solutions power sensor and video integration of data from third-party devices, such as surveillance cameras and motion detectors, and display that information in a real-time, common operating picture. The result is keen situational awareness and intelligent response to urgent situations!

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