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Intergraph's Smart Grid Operations Command-and-Control Center solution provides world class outage management, mobile work force management, and distribution management functionality in one integrated system for your network control room and dispatch operations. Intergraph simplifies the access, integration, and analysis of the numerous disparate systems on the grid into actionable intelligence, helping you achieve your smart grid goals of operations efficiency, higher resiliency, quicker response, and improved customer satisfaction. Intergraph can help you:

  • Integrate your existing or planned AMI/AMR and meter data management systems to provide an integrated outage management and dispatch environment
  • Manage your smart meter deployment, optimize the scheduling of mobile field crews, and modernize your operations center
  • Eliminate individual "stove pipe" systems and create one consolidated user environment to improve operational efficiency
  • Provide an "enterprise capable" GIS to manage your complex smart grid energy distribution and communications network infrastructure
  • Conduct a cyber security vulnerability assessment

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