As-Built Isometrics (as-built isos)

As-built isometrics (isos) are isometric drawings used to reflect the as-built status of the plant throughout the plant life cycle. The as-built piping design (as-built isos) can be exported to the plant design solution to update the 3D design model to as-built status.

At the time of construction of a plant, slight modifications may need to be made on the piping systems for a variety of reasons. Intergraph SmartPlant® Isometrics can be used very effectively in this situation by taking the original design and modifying it to what will become the as-built configuration. A further benefit is that the modified isos could be loaded back to the 3D plant design solution to update it to as-built status with minimal further interaction.

SmartPlant® Isometrics

Video: Six Steps to an Isometric

Six steps are all it takes to sketch a complete pipeline in minutes and generate industry-standard ISOGEN isometric drawings in seconds! To download video click here.

Step 1: Lay out the pipe route
Step 2: Add a 3D coordinate
Step 3: Place components
Step 4: Assign item codes
Step 5: Dimension and detail
Step 6: Generate drawings

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