Chemical Plant Design

Chemical plants face a very advanced set of regulatory requirements regarding not only chemical plant design, but also construction and maintenance. With the biggest industry obstacle being sustainability in a dynamic market, chemical plant design is most productive when it is created with a joint focus on chemical plant construction and chemical plant maintenance. This dual-focus approach allows for maximum efficiency to capitalize on production from day one and helps to ensure lasting production capabilities in spite of possible, and sometimes unforeseeable, changes in the industry.

Intergraph offers our SmartPlant® Enterprise suite of best-in-class applications with a modular architecture that provides flexibility through scalability, and allows smaller companies to grow and larger companies to remain agile for maximum ROI at every level:

Chemical Plant Construction & Design

Chemical plant design that focuses on the efficiencies of intelligent layout and improved chemical plant construction times gets you from proposal to production more quickly and with less cost. SmartPlant Enterprise helps your organization leverage best-practices information and automate workflow processes from the earliest stages of chemical plant design and construction to improve engineering efficiencies by as much 30 percent.

3D Modeling and Visualization. Through advanced structural planning that addresses evolving regulatory requirements and integration-based design for chemical plant construction, this solution reduces remodeling instances between conceptual and detail designs by 90 percent. Additionally, initial chemical plant design is created with optimum workflow process efficiencies in mind, allowing your organization to visualize daily operations before the chemical plant construction phase even begins.

Engineering and Schematics. When chemical plant design follows an integrated model, the same engineering that creates efficiencies by relation could, if not accounted for, also allow errors and mistakes to quickly spread throughout the integrated system as well. By using rule-based chemical plant design that senses changes to plant homeostasis, safeguards can be put in place during chemical plant construction that initiate changes in other structural modules to prevent the effects of an error from spreading, thus reducing potential downtime and saving associated repair/replace costs.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. Once chemical plant construction begins, a new facet of chemical plant design and maintenance also begins, that of materials management. Intergraph's SmartPlant Materials solution puts you in complete control of materials management from procurement - to realize a less than one percent in surplus materials - through forecasting, allowing you to predict and schedule chemical plant maintenance at a time that causes the least amount of interruption to production.

Chemical plant construction that extends from smart chemical plant design allows your organization to realize the greatest efficiencies and cost savings today, while allowing you to prepare for optimum efficiencies during the course of the next 30 to 40 years.

Chemical Plant Maintenance

Scheduled or unscheduled, chemical plant maintenance has the potential to shut down your operation if proper steps aren't addressed in the chemical plant design stage. Intergraph offers proprietary solutions to minimize downtime and put chemical plant maintenance in your control.

Information Management. Your biggest asset in chemical plant management is information. While regulatory bodies maintain information collection requirements, smart organizations go further. By implementing an open and editable information archive, your organization can reference changes and advances from every stage in the history of the plant, even the initial stages of chemical plant design. When chemical plant maintenance issues arise, the ability to quickly access information relative to that specific maintenance allows for quicker, safer maintenance and reduced downtime.

Maximize your chemical plant maintenance capabilities right from the initial stages of chemical plant design with SmartPlant Enterprise solutions from Intergraph.

Total Chemical Plant Design Solutions from Intergraph

Learn more about chemical plant design, construction, and maintenance, as well as how they relate to budget and regulatory concerns, at our chemical plant design page. For additional information about our plant design capabilities, you can also contact Intergraph today.

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