Oil Refinery Construction

Intergraph is the global leader in the plant creation market, providing engineering technology and services to more than 60 countries worldwide. Intergraph software has been used to design more than 60 percent of the plants built worldwide. Our Process, Power & Marine division provides innovative solutions for plant and oil refinery construction and production.

With services ranging from oil refinery construction to life-cycle management, we encourage you to explore the range of solutions for refinery production and construction offered by Intergraph:

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Intelligent Oil Refinery Construction

Intelligent oil refinery construction goes beyond the design and development stages. Plant designers and owners need support functionality that facilitates refinery production and life cycle management. Intergraph solutions are designed to support the entire oil refinery construction process, from inception to production, and beyond. Our services for oil refinery construction include:

3D Modeling and Visualization. For the oil and gas industry, adhering to government regulations and meeting production goals requires better and more intelligent oil refinery construction. Our rule-based 3D design environment not only defines, but also manages the 3D refinery model, resulting in silo-free design, engineering, and reduced time to market.

Engineering and Schematics. In order to keep refinery production operating smoothly over its 30- to 40-year life cycle, intelligent oil refinery construction must exist from inception. Our engineering and schematics solution is designed for today's global environment. With comprehensive integration capabilities, an engineering change in one area impacts change in associated objects, resulting in consistent production and an error-free environment.

By providing intelligent refinery design and engineering capabilities, Intergraph's oil refinery construction offerings enable energy companies in the oil and gas industry to achieve maximum return on investment.

Optimize Oil Refinery Production

Once a refinery is built, solutions must be in place to support production, including the management of materials, processes, and safety requirements. Failing to meet federal regulations can result in costly shutdown. Intergraph's refinery production services include:

Information Management. Intergraph's Information Management solutions for the oil and gas industry provide electronic management of the entire refinery's engineering information. By integrating physical asset information, processes, and regulatory and safety requirements, Intergraph provides a comprehensive solution designed to support the entire life cycle of the refinery.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. Time is money, especially in the oil and gas industry. Designed to enable plant owners and designers to save valuable production time, our material and project control solution supports the entire project execution life cycle, from materials specification and change management, to forecasting and material issuing.

By providing refinery production solutions that span the life of the project, Intergraph enables energy companies to avoid costly unplanned shutdown, saving labor costs and production time.

Complete Refinery Solutions

Learn how Intergraph's comprehensive service offerings help oil refinery and plant owners comply with federal regulations and achieve optimal production by contacting us today.

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