Pipe Fabrication

Typically, piping systems for process plant facilities are prefabricated in sections called spools. A spool is an assembly of pipe and components that can be built in the workshop and then shipped to site for erection. The method of communication from detailed design to pipe fabrication is usually by the supply of piping isometric drawings. Irrespective of how good the detailed design team is, it is impossible to fully appreciate and take account of the factors that are key to fabrication, transport, and erection. Therefore, fabricators mark up the design isometrics and then redraw them in the form of spool isometrics, including their marked-up comments. This process is slow and can lead to the introduction of errors that may result in higher rework costs.

Intergraph SmartPlant® Spoolgen® is pipe fabrication software that acts as a bridge between the design contractor and the fabricator, allowing them to take the original design isometric in electronic form and make mark-ups to suit their requirements. By necessity, the application is focused on the task in hand, guides the user through each stage of the process, and ensures that the original design integrity is not compromised. Fabrication pipe spool drawings and reports can then be generated automatically with extreme ease.

For the Owner Operator

SmartPlant Spoolgen can be deployed as part of a workflow to optimize the design, procurement, fabrication, and erection of piping systems.

For the EPC

Use SmartPlant Spoolgen to manage and track progress of fabrication and erection sub-contractors without the need to tie up valuable plant design seats and expertise.

For the Piping Fabricator

Use SmartPlant Spoolgen to create a competitive advantage by minimizing costs and boosting quality.

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