Pipe Spool Drawings

Typically, piping systems for process plant facilities are prefabricated in sections called spools. A spool is an assembly of pipe and components that can be built in the workshop and then shipped to site for erection. A pipe spool drawing shows a single spool and is optimized to provide all the information needed by the fabrication workshop to accurately manufacture or assemble the spool. This requires three things:

  • Cut lengths for all pipes
  • Number, location, and type for each weld
  • A parts list showing the fittings

SmartPlant® Spoolgen® generates pipe spool drawings completely automatically from the design created by an engineering contractor. If the engineering contractor has used ISOGEN® to create his issued/approved piping isometric drawings – which typically show complete pipelines – the piping fabricator can use SmartPlant Spoolgen to mark up these drawings and create all the pipe spool drawings and reports needed to accurately fabricate the spools. The integrity of the design is preserved by Spoolgen, as data copying errors can be eliminated and industry-standard drawings are created using ISOGEN in SmartPlant Spoolgen.


In addition to I-Data Integrator and I-Tools™, SmartPlant Spoolgen also provides a number of other utilities:

SmartPlant Isometrics – This application is used if new pipeline data must be generated, or if minor changes are required to existing pipelines to reflect as-built conditions (for example, the addition of vents or drains).
SmartPlant I-Configure™ – This application is used to configure drawings and reports from SmartPlant Spoolgen.
Symbol Editor – Take advantage of this application to create and modify user-defined 2D symbols for use by ISOGEN.
Material Editor – You can manage material reference data for use in SmartPlant Spoolgen. These are typically additional items that are not included in the pipeline data from the design contractor.

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