Plant Construction

The commodities produced by chemical, energy and industrial plants, among others, are in higher demand as the global economy expands. As such, the need for more effective ways to streamline the plant construction and management process continues to increase.

Intergraph has a long history of providing industry-leading technological solutions to the plant design industry. Organizations in more than 60 countries rely on Intergraph's innovative track record to produce intelligent software for their engineering and design needs. We encourage you to learn more about Intergraph's groundbreaking technology:

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Plant Construction Management

To build a better plant, engineering companies must be empowered with ways to effectively streamline processes, adhere to strict governmental regulations and take advantage of forward-thinking developments in technology. Solutions from Intergraph provide engineers with an all-encompassing set of tools that support the entire construction process, from initial plant design to procurement of materials. Our solutions reach beyond the construction stages of a project by creating an environment conducive to smoother day-to-day operations. Here is a sampling of some of our products that optimize plant construction management:

SmartPlant® 3D.The most innovative software for plant design offered in more than two decades, SmartPlant 3D provides plant engineers with an environment conducive to global, concurrent engineering and effective management of change. By integrating SmartPlant 3D with other solutions in the SmartPlant Enterprise family of products, plant engineers and owners benefit from a comprehensive solution that drives efficient design.

PDS®. A full-featured computer-aided-design application for plant design and construction, PDS enables plant engineering companies to efficiently and effectively deliver the best possible design. Widely used as the corporate standard by many engineering firms, PDS reduces costly engineering hours by delivering automation functionality.

SmartPlant Process Safety. A chief concern in plant construction management is ensuring the safety of the plant. Whether it's an industrial plant or an offshore facility, by providing a Corporate Safety Memory knowledge base that leverages collective safety experience and knowledge, SmartPlant Process Safety saves costly time spent correcting hazards.

For more information regarding the expansive capabilities that Intergraph brings to the plant management and construction process, we invite you to view our entire SmartPlant Enterprise family of products. Additionally, you can also contact the experienced professionals at Intergraph with your questions and inquires via our contact form.

Industrial Plant Construction - The Intergraph Difference

Industrial plants face different needs dependent upon the commodity they are producing. As such, the need still remains for efficient and streamlined processes in plant construction management. Additionally, while the requirements for industrial plant construction and management may differ from those of a nuclear power plant, the core foundations of engineering best practices, information management and streamlined materials management still exists. Intergraph's groundbreaking technology provides solutions that support plant design and construction. From chemical plant engineering and pharmaceutical plant design, to industrial plant construction, Intergraph empowers plant engineers to build a better plant.

For more information on the complete reach of Intergraph's plant design, construction and management software, including that for industrial plant construction, please visit our Plant Design and Engineering page. Whether you need intelligent plant software for industrial plant construction or for life cycle management, we invite you to contact us today.

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