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Create a substantial return on investment while reducing risk with innovative solutions from Intergraph Corporation. As the acknowledged global leader in the plant creation market, Intergraph draws from more than 40 years of experience to consistently create and deliver advanced plant design software for a multitude of businesses, industries, security organizations, and governments around the globe.

Optimal manufacturing and production plant design offers a wide range of benefits to enhance processes throughout the entire life cycle of a facility. From improved communication to a comprehensive understanding of the project's status, Intergraph's inclusive plant design and engineering software facilitates critical information management while developing enhanced and automated work processes.

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    The proven success of Intergraph's comprehensive plant design and engineering software suite is reflected through its widespread usage around the world. Discover why more than 60 percent of plants built worldwide are designed with Intergraph software.
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    Learn more about how we can help you optimally build and manage complex systems from early project phases through operations and maintenance up to plant decommissioning. Complete our sales inquiry form to submit questions and comments relevant to your specific industry.

Manufacturing Plant Design

Innovative, comprehensive manufacturing plant design and management solutions are offered in a powerful software suite from Intergraph. Our portfolio of best-in-class applications is utilized by leading Fortune Global 500 pharmaceutical, chemical, and petroleum companies around the globe.

Whether being deployed individually, or as a flexible, integrated solution, the following components of Intergraph's SmartPlant Enterprise allow for enhanced cost-effectiveness while generating additional value for business owners.

3D Modeling and Visualization. The integrated environment created from Intergraph's plant design software defines and manages the facility's 3D model to allow for faster, silo-free design and engineering, enhanced collaboration across the project enterprise, as well as a reduced time to market. Discover the benefits of our low-risk, modular manufacturing and production plant design solutions.

Engineering and Schematics. The advanced capabilities of Intergraph's comprehensive plant design software also help to ensure smooth, consistent operations over the plant's 30- to 40-year life. Based on a rule-driven, fully integrated architecture, our powerful engineering solution allows for greater cost effectiveness by preventing unnecessary engineering errors, plant shutdowns, and loss of production.

Information Management. The advantages of highly accurate, easily accessible information are experienced throughout the entire life cycle of a facility. Enabling electronic management of all of the facility's engineering information, the implementation of Intergraph's plant design and engineering software allows for enhanced decision support capabilities to improve enterprise-wide communication and streamline processes from original concept to decommissioning.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. Avoid costly material surpluses and shortages through improved manufacturing and production plant design. Through the utilization of Intergraph's advanced solutions, plant designers and owners are able to efficiently manage materials and project controls while saving valuable production time.

Proven Plant Design Software

Intergraph's advanced plant design software has been tested to enhance cost-effectiveness and improve efficiency in numerous industries around the world. Companies in more than 60 countries have trusted the experience and innovation of Intergraph to provide reliable, robust solutions for facilities of any size in any location.

Promote the design and management of your facility with help from Intergraph. Contact us today to discover how our proven plant design software can be utilized to significantly improve project execution, handover, and plant operational efficiency.

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