Industrial Plant Design

Intergraph, the recognized global leader in industrial plant design and engineering, has provided solutions to more than 60 percent of the industrial plant ventures around the world today.

Building a better plant begins with better plant design. By utilizing Intergraph industrial applications, facility owners are able to more efficiently implement and execute the challenging plant design management processes.

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3D Modeling and Visualization

Intergraph's 3D Modeling and Visualization software provides an easy, open and scalable solution which serves to enhance production efficiencies and improve project execution. Our intelligent, rule-based 3D environment facilitates integration throughout the entire design process.

One very important aspect of industrial plant design is the ease of use of the applications used during the process. Intergraph's 3D Modeling and Visualization software is a modern application with a much shorter training time than older software applications.

Across the entire enterprise, the plant design management team will find the Intergraph 3D Modeling and Visualization's straightforward methods serve to lessen the learning curve and increase productivity.

Engineering and Schematics

Intergraph's Engineering & Schematics modules offer comprehensive, intelligent computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering (CAD/CAE) applications.

This smart, easy-to-use software integrates all aspects of plant design management, including both the design front-end, and the detailed schematics necessary for plant configuration.

Utilizing the Intergraph Engineering & Schematics solutions will ensure data quality and consistency throughout the entire industrial plant design process. A design change in one area will trigger automatic revisions for all associated areas, effectively ensuring an efficient and accurate plant design management process.

Information Management

Intergraph's Information Management applications ensure the consistency and accuracy of information across all departments involved in plant design. Successful industrial plant design requires extensive information management capabilities, as well as advanced management tools, to build and operate the increasingly complex facilities needed today.

Three essential principles of Information Management are:

  • The Physical Asset - what exists
  • The Logical and Functional Information - what was designed to exist
  • The Essential Regulatory and Safety Components - what is required to allow continued existence

Intergraph's Information Management applications will assist in these three areas, thereby ensuring the integrity of the project from conception to completion and beyond.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction

Success in today's challenging economic environment requires that project costs be accurately measured and project controls be efficiently implemented. Intergraph's Procurement, Fabrication and Construction applications combine advanced estimating tools; comprehensive material and cost-tracking solutions; and intelligent purchasing programming to ensure the success of your industrial plant design project.

Imagine collaboration between all departments and partners involved in the venture, including clients, suppliers, logistics providers, and subcontractors. By utilizing Intergraph's Procurement, Fabrication & Construction solution, your plant design management team will enhance their abilities in the following areas

  • Estimating - accurate forecasts of the project scope
  • Engineering - from project conception to its execution and future expansion
  • Procurement - intelligent, budget-conscious purchasing decisions
  • Construction - effectively lower labor costs and reduce overall project risks

Ensure a successful design process from the beginning with SmartPlant Enterprise plant design solutions from Intergraph.

Industrial Plant Design & Engineering Solutions from Intergraph

Let the professionals at Intergraph address your specific questions or concerns, or discuss with you the ways in which your organization can begin integrating Intergraph's suite of applications into your current design models. Submit your sales inquiries, general questions, and comments via our sales inquiry form.

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