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Optimal electric power plant engineering is necessary in a world where dynamic shifts are occurring in the way the world is powered. Intergraph's approach to electric plant engineering addresses not only best practices from a construction standpoint, but also promotes design efficiencies for decades to come. These efficiencies can save your organization valuable resources and help establish you as a leader in power production.

Explore new and innovative plant engineering technology solutions with the world's plant engineering software leader, Intergraph.

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Electric Plant Engineering Solutions

Because electric plant engineering is about more than layouts and sketches, Intergraph provides the most flexible, scalable, and powerful suite of plant engineering resources design for every aspect of a power plant's life cycle. With tools for initial design, construction, maintenance, and more, it's no coincidence that more than 60 percent of the plants built around the world are designed with Intergraph software.

3D Modeling and Visualization. For a look at optimal workflow processes, and to improve power plant engineering efficiencies, 3D modeling and visualization gives you a look into the future before the first shovel goes in the dirt at a groundbreaking ceremony. Solutions such as SmartPlant® 3D foster optimized design for increased productivity and shorter project schedules, while our PDS® CAD/CAE software gets to the nuts and bolts of electric power plant engineering and reduces field rework.

Engineering and Schematics. Building a power plant is one thing. Keeping it running optimally for decades is another. Power plant engineering and schematic software from Intergraph address these issues. For instance, SmartPlant Instrumentation lets you design, manage, and maintain instruments throughout the life cycle of the plant life, reducing the likelihood of unforeseen maintenance that can interrupt production. SmartPlant Process Safety monitors company HAZOP knowledge, applying it across the power plant engineering enterprise and facility life cycle to reduce risks and maintain quality standards.

Information Management. To ensure open and independent data sharing and storage that secures power plant engineering data, as well as other critical data throughout the life cycle of a plant, Intergraph offers SmartPlant Foundation, putting the power of optimal supply chain management in your hands.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. Handling materials, from procurement to production and beyond, can help your organization capitalize on advantages gained in the plant engineering phase. SmartPlant Materials from Intergraph can help you reduce engineering hours by 15 percent, installation cost by three percent, and surplus materials to less than one percent . This real-world efficiency adds up to greater value by moving your plant from proposal to production in the shortest possible time frame.

Flexible electric power plant engineering software solutions from Intergraph are the industry standard, allowing your organization to strategically select the tools that can have the most immediate impact on performance, quality standards, and budgets.

Better Plant Engineering Today

The dynamic changes in contemporary plant engineering standards require solutions that can not only handle those changes, but allow your organization to stay ahead of the curve and light the way for tomorrow. To learn more about electric and power plant engineering, please contact Intergraph today to discuss your needs.

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