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In the plant layout process, plant engineers and contractors face unique challenges regardless of the type of plant they are constructing. The need for plant layout software that streamlines the layout and design process while saving time is critical.

More than two-thirds of the world's power plants have been constructed using solutions from Intergraph. As such, Intergraph has the experience and the track record to provide industry-leading plant layout software, designed to provide plant engineers and contractors with the solutions they need most. We invite you to explore the Intergraph difference in plant layout, design, and management software:

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Plant Drawing Software

In today's global economy, there is greater need for plant layout and design software to support collaboration. Intergraph's plant drawing software and design solutions provide 3D plant layout capabilities with support for collaboration. By integrating with other Intergraph plant engineering products, an optimal workflow is created throughout the entire enterprise. Intergraph's layout and plant drawing software streamlines preliminary design, resulting in shortened project schedule times and higher return on investment.

Plant Layout Software. Intelligent plant layout consists of several elements, including planning for allocation of equipment, material flow, and emergency access options. Intergraph's SmartPlant® Enterprise family of products delivers solutions designed to optimize the layout and design process and streamline workflows. SmartPlant Layout is a preliminary 3D plant layout software solution that supports proposal development, plant layout optimization and early design estimates. By integrating with SmartPlant 3D, up to 90 percent of normal transitionary remodeling is eliminated. For pipe routing during early layout and design stages, Intergraph I-RouteTM provides a new approach for pipe routing with simple algorithms and faster execution time. By providing comprehensive tools, Intergraph transforms the plant layout process.

Plant Drawing Software. Plant drawing software from Intergraph delivers the solutions that enable plant engineers and designers to build better plants. By providing an integrated design environment, Intergraph plant drawing software enables silo-free design, improved collaboration, and reduced time to market. The SmartPlant Enterprise family of products includes plant drawing software for 3D modeling and visualization, as well as software to create diagrams and schematics. SmartPlant 3D plant drawing software is the most advanced software for plant design produced in two decades. A comprehensive solution, SmartPlant 3D provides complete plant design functionality, from plant design to life cycle management. PDS is a CAD/CAE (computer-aided design/engineering) solution that empowers designers and contractors to deliver the best and most intelligent plant design possible, while reducing total project cost. For pipe sketching, SmartPlant Isometrics produces industry-standard drawings that save valuable time and money.

Intergraph's plant layout software provides the intelligent solutions needed to build better and more efficient plants. Whether designing chemical, nuclear, or other production plants, our ground-breaking utilities are built for the unique needs of designers and engineers.

Intergraph - Total Plant Solutions

For every step of the plant layout and design process, from concept to construction, Intergraph provides dynamic and time-tested solutions to companies worldwide. In addition to offering software for the design and layout stages, Intergraph also delivers integrated solutions that support plants throughout their life cycle.

Learn more about plant engineering and design solutions by visiting our Plant Design and Engineering page. For more information on how Intergraph plant solutions can transform the way you design and engineer, contact us today.

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