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Improve plant life cycle management with innovative solutions from Intergraph. The global recognition and leadership of Intergraph in plant creation is reflected through our proven track record and growing customer base, made up of industry leaders around the world.

More than 60 percent of plants built worldwide trust the advanced plant software offered from Intergraph. Ideal for a wide range of industries, including chemical, pharmaceuticals, metals and mining, oil and gas, consumer goods, as well as nuclear and power generation, Intergraph's comprehensive plant software allows for the optimal creation and management of complex systems and operations.

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    Discover advanced solutions which enable the ideal design, construction, operation and information management of multiple facilities in multiple locations throughout the world.
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Comprehensive Plant Software Suite

Intergraph offers innovative solutions to enhance process involved in each aspect of plant creation. SmartPlant® Enterprise, Intergraph's comprehensive plant software suite, is comprised of an inclusive portfolio of powerful, best-in-class applications which can be used separately, or together as a flexible, integrated package for complete plant optimization from early project phases all the way through plant decommissioning.

Discover the specific benefits offered from each component of our comprehensive plant modeling software.

3D Modeling and Visualization. Experience higher production capabilities while meeting strict regulatory requirements with Intergraph's 3D plant software. Creating an efficient, synchronized plant to help ensure minimized risk and a maximized return on investment begins with the design of a facility, and 3D plant modeling software from Intergraph includes capabilities which take into account each facet of the design process while allowing for as-built implementation throughout the life cycle of the facility.

Enabling rapid, silo-free design and engineering, in combination with better collaboration and reduced time to market, SmartPlant 3D, our 3D plant modeling software, is the most advanced plant design software offered in two decades and efficiently streamlines design and engineering processes while preserving existing data. The proven effectiveness of this advanced plant software is reflected through its widespread usage in a multitude of industries around the world.

Engineering and Schematics. In addition to utilizing our advanced 3D plant modeling software for optimal design and layout, Intergraph also offers a comprehensive engineering solution to ensure a smooth running plant over its 30- to 40-year life.

SmartPlant Instrumentation is a solution designed to help prevent failure through efficient management and storage of operation-critical instrumentation and control data. Allowing for the easy access and update of all instrumentation information, this innovative plant software helps to prevent unscheduled shutdowns by providing the most up-to-date information in an organized fashion. In addition, optimal workflow is also achieved through the utilization of complementary plant software such as SmartPlant P&ID and SmartPlant Electrical.

Information Management. To efficiently facilitate global design, production, and life cycle optimization of the facility, Intergraph offers SmartPlant Foundation, our forward-looking plant software which allows for an open, independent data storage system protecting vital information throughout the life of the plant.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. Save valuable production time and maximize efficiency by ensuring accurate materials management and project control for multiple facilities. SmartPlant Materials optimizes workflow and functions from initial design through construction, and this advanced plant software offers the flexibility needed to help carry out your specific vision of life cycle integration.

Global Technology Provider

As a global technology provider of plant software, Intergraph relies on more than 40 years of experience to consistently provide reliable, innovative solutions to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Discover why industries, businesses, governments, and security organizations in more than 60 countries have trusted Intergraph to build and manage their complex systems.

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