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A global leader in marine engineering design and services, Intergraph offers next-generation solutions in ship design, production, and overall life cycle management. Our customers expect to improve their delivery schedules by more than 50 percent once Intergraph solutions have been fully implemented across the board.

From lower design costs and shortened project schedules to overall enhanced ship productivity, we encourage you to explore the benefits of marine engineering services from Intergraph:

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Marine Engineering - The Intergraph Difference

Did you know that five of the top ten global shipyards utilize marine engineering services from Intergraph? We're proud to maintain a steadfast commitment to innovation, allotting approximately 15% of its yearly revenue creating improvement to our software solutions, which translates directly to improved efficiencies and increased productivity for your business or organization. Our marine engineering services include:

Ship Design and Assembly. Intergraph offers SmartMarine 3D™, the full-suite shipbuilding design solution that addresses marine engineering design from both structural and process-oriented perspectives throughout the life of the marine asset. This helps your organization to realize cost efficiencies in time saved during the design and construction stages, while maintaining the highest levels of quality related to ship construction.

Materials Planning and Procurement. Having the right materials, in the right amount, at the right time lets your organization save costs related to surplus materials, while allowing your shipyard and marine engineering contractors to customize solutions that fit your organization's exact needs. Our SmartPlant® Materials solution facilitates improved material management. This solution supplements our marine engineering services by enabling data share across your vendor list, fostering improved communication and reducing delays.

Information Management. The old dictum of "measure twice, cut once" assumes a higher level of importance when applied to ships, oil platforms, FSPOs, and their respective budgets. To ensure you are able to measure and manage every facet of the shipbuilding process, Intergraph marine engineering services include our SmartPlant Foundation information management solution. This open system allows your organization to build an updatable information asset that begins in the marine engineering design stage and continues throughout the life of the marine asset.

Complete Marine Engineering Services

For total marine engineering services and design solutions, and all of the physical and budgetary considerations they embody in real world situations, trust Intergraph. Whether designing commercial and naval vessels or engineering oil platforms and FPSOs that exceed regulatory requirements today and into the future, Intergraph is the world's leading marine engineering services and software solutions provider.

Learn more about all of our marine engineering services, capabilities, and the collateral areas they touch at our Ship Design and Engineering page. For additional information, please Contact Intergraph today.

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