Offshore Engineering

The unique needs of the offshore industry require solutions that are designed to meet detailed specifications. From structural design software to aid in offshore platform construction, to information management solutions built to manage an offshore oil and gas production facility, the offshore engineering industry demands innovative technology to decrease costs and increase efficiency.

Intergraph's Process, Power & Marine division creates intelligent offshore engineering solutions designed to meet these needs. From 3D ship design software for offshore platforms and floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities, to information management software to preserve data integrity, our solutions streamline workflow, resulting in lower production costs and increased return on investment. We invite you to explore the offshore engineering solutions provided by Intergraph:

  • Shipbuilding and Offshore Construction
    Intergraph's shipbuilding offerings provide reusable design functionality, concurrent engineering support and 3D modeling capabilities, resulting in efficient and cost-effective structural design and life cycle management solutions for the offshore engineering industry.
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    With a long history of providing offshore engineering services and solutions to the shipbuilding and offshore construction industries, the qualified professionals at Intergraph can answer your questions. Additionally, you can also submit comments, questions and sales inquiries through our inquiry form.

Intelligent Offshore Construction Software

The intricacies of offshore construction require an engineering solution that is tailored to meet detailed specifications and safety requirements. Safety and geographical regulations make it imperative that engineering for platforms and FPSO facilities adhere to exact specifications. Intergraph's offshore engineering solutions are designed to facilitate offshore construction in an efficient and cost-effective manner, while producing a safe and quality vessel. Here are some of the features of offshore construction software and solutions from Intergraph:

Reduced Learning Curve. Due to the unparalleled ease of use, Intergraph's solutions widen the user base by reducing the learning curve, resulting in increased productivity. The design process is further optimized by reducing the number of mouse-clicks and keystrokes required to perform engineering design tasks.

Deliverables Management. Automation functionality generates instant drawings and reports, providing correct and current documentation of engineering designs.

Knowledge Management. In today's global economy, having the ability to save and re-use design knowledge is imperative for offshore engineering companies who wish to have the competitive edge. By providing solutions that preserve the integrity of corporate knowledge and design data, Intergraph delivers what is needed to stay competitive.

Whether it's providing offshore engineering services for a worldwide company, or managing the life cycle of an existing project, Intergraph shipbuilding technology provides shipbuilders and engineers with the ability to actualize their visions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Offshore Engineering Services from Intergraph

In addition to providing groundbreaking technology for offshore construction and engineering, Intergraph also provides offshore engineering services, including consulting, structural design and detailing, and development of customized features. For more information on the benefits of Intergraph's offshore engineering services, please contact Intergraph.

Offshore Engineering and Construction Solutions

With a proven track record in providing industry-leading technologies to the offshore industry, Intergraph has the expertise required to empower those in the offshore engineering industries in the ways they need it most. For more information on our intelligent offshore services and solutions, please visit our offshore engineering services page. If you are interested in learning how Intergraph can help you achieve maximum return on investment while improving the quality of your projects, contact us today.

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