Offshore Platform Design

The offshore industry faces unique needs and complex challenges. With increasing safety regulations and environmental and geographic guidelines, offshore platform construction requires solutions that can produce a safe, efficient, and cost-effective offshore platform structure.

Intergraph develops intelligent solutions that span every stage of offshore platform design, construction and life cycle management. By providing technology in more than 60 countries, Intergraph has the proven leadership and expertise to meet the unique needs of the offshore industry. Whether you need a more efficient solution for offshore platform design, or a more effective software for offshore platform construction, Intergraph delivers forward-looking products designed to increase productivity and maximize return. We encourage you to learn more about the groundbreaking technology offered by Intergraph for offshore platform design and construction:

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Offshore Platform Structure Design & Management

To optimize the life cycle of the offshore platform, the technology in place must support concept and design processes, as well as best practices for information management throughout the life of the project. Intergraph's offshore platform structure solutions support the entire life cycle, from offshore platform construction and design, to production and maintenance. Components of Intergraph's offshore platform design and management solutions include:

3D Modeling and Visualization. The ability to create a consistent offshore platform design is an integral aspect of reducing project schedule times. Intergraph's 3D modeling and visualization solutions provide plant owners with the ability to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. By delivering technology that enables the re-use of a core offshore platform design, time spent in project design cycles is shortened. Additionally, Intergraph's support for global, concurrent engineering allows contractors across the globe to manage and execute projects.

  • Learn how offshore platform design can benefit from Intergraph's 3D modeling and visualization solutions at our 3D Modeling and Visualization page.

Engineering and Schematics. For efficient offshore platform design, having an intelligent solution in place for the design of control systems, plant configuration, and power distribution is imperative. Intergraph's engineering and schematics solutions deliver fully integrated engineering functionality. By affecting change across all associated objects when one change is made, our rule-driven engineering solutions prevent errors in offshore platform design and engineering.

  • Learn how offshore platform design can benefit from Intergraph's intelligent engineering and schematics solutions at our Engineering and Schematics page.

Information Management. To support the life cycle of an offshore platform structure, an effective way to manage engineering and plant information must be in place. Intergraph's information management solutions provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to information management. By maintaining integrity of engineering and plant data, from configuration to safety data, Intergraph supports the entire life cycle of the offshore construction project and beyond.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. Intelligent offshore platform design takes into account the necessity for an efficient workflow. From estimating and cost tracking, to material issuing, Intergraph's materials management solution provides support for the complete project execution life cycle. With support for collaboration across the project, with disciplines and partners such as suppliers, subcontractors, and freight forwarders, the risks of costly miscommunication are reduced, resulting in increased productivity and decreased costs.

Intelligent Offshore Platform Solutions

Intergraph provides innovative solutions for every stage of the offshore platform design, construction, and operation.

For more information on the comprehensive approach found in Intergraph's dynamic solutions for offshore platform design, visit our Process & Power - Oil & Gas page. To begin leveraging intelligent solutions for offshore platform design and construction, Contact Intergraph today.

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