Industrial Plant Maintenance

Optimize industrial plant maintenance and operation with help from Intergraph.

Offering innovative solutions to industries, businesses, security organizations, and governments in more than 60 countries around the world, Intergraph is a global technology provider of spatial information management software designed to enhance industrial plant maintenance for maximized efficiency throughout each phase of the facility's life cycle.

  • Industrial Plant Maintenance
    From plant design to safety and maintenance, SmartPlant Enterprise from Intergraph takes into account each aspect of a plant's life cycle to improve workflows, communication, information management, operations, and to ultimately generate increased revenue for business owners.
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Discover why Intergraph plant software is used to build more than 60 percent of facilities worldwide. Ensuring a low-risk, modular implementation strategy for each distinct component, our comprehensive product suite allows for optimal industrial plant design and maintenance to improve project execution, handover, and operational efficiency.

Plant Safety & Maintenance

The innovation and leadership of Intergraph is reflected through the widespread global usage of our advanced industrial plant maintenance solutions. Designed to allow for smooth, rapid implementation of enhanced processes, each component of our comprehensive plant software suite can be deployed for projects of any size in any location.

Discover the distinct benefits of the following industrial plant safety and maintenance solutions offered from Intergraph.

Engineering and Schematics. Ensure a smooth operating facility from plant design all the way through decommissioning with advanced applications from Intergraph. The following components are included in our Engineering and Schematics product offerings:

SmartPlant Instrumentation, the industry-leading instrumentation solution, allows for optimal manufacturing plant maintenance and operation through enhanced management and storage of instrumentation and control data. Ensure all instrumentation data can be easily accessed and updated with SmartPlant Instrumentation.

Industrial plant safety and maintenance is also enhanced through the utilization of Intergraph's SmartPlant Process Safety application. Designed to significantly shorten production schedules and reduce operational risk without compromising quality, SmartPlant Process Safety streamlines safety processes throughout the entire organization to allow for a higher return on investment. Take advantage of this plant safety and maintenance application to enhance hazard and operability (HAZOP) processes and analysis capabilities.

Information Management. Optimizing industrial and manufacturing plant maintenance involves the consistent storage and retrieval of highly accurate facility information. SmartPlant Foundation from Intergraph focuses on each of the requirements involved in the design, build, operation, and maintenance of a facility throughout its entire life cycle. Discover how industrial plant maintenance can be improved through a comprehensive electronic library of plant information.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. Powerful materials management capabilities enable business owners to lower labor costs by avoiding costly materials surpluses and shortages. SmartPlant Materials from Intergraph is a flexible solution facilitating optimal materials management workflow and functions to achieve complete materials control while reducing total installation costs up to 3%. Reduce overall project risk with this innovative manufacturing plant maintenance and operations solution from Intergraph.

Best-In-Class Applications

Intergraph's comprehensive suite of best-in-class applications can be utilized individually or as a flexible, integrated solution to enhance each area of a plant's life cycle. Our powerful manufacturing plant maintenance applications provide advanced capabilities to reduce risk while improving cost-effectiveness during the 30- to 40-year life of a facility.

Learn more about innovative solutions offered from Intergraph. Contact us today to discover how we can meet the specific needs of your business.

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