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Production plants, depending on the product or commodity they produce, have different challenges and different needs. However, one commonality they share is the need for technology that lowers costs of design, construction, and overhead, and optimizes the efficiency of workflow processes.

Intergraph produces intelligent technology designed to streamline structural plant design and planning, optimize material flow, and support workflow management. With more than 30 years of experience in providing innovative solutions to the plant engineering and design industry, Intergraph has the proven track record and expertise needed to create reliable and effective plant automation systems. We encourage you to explore our automation and production plant solutions:

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    More than 60 percent of the plants around the globe, including chemical, power generation, oil and gas, metals and mining, consumer goods, and pharmaceuticals, have been built using plant engineering solutions from Intergraph. Learn more about our expansive offerings for plant engineering and design.
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Comprehensive Plant Automation Systems

From design to deployment, to life-cycle management, Intergraph leverages more than 30 years of experience to produce the most advanced plant automation systems and software available. Designed to better help team members working in day-to-day plant operations, automation software and systems are easily deployed for projects and facilities of any size or purpose.

3D Modeling and Visualization. Designed to deliver high quality and consistent design, plant automation systems from Intergraph empower companies to leverage best practices on a global scale. In order to provide engineers with the ability to build a better plant, Intergraph's 3D modeling and visualization components deliver an integrated design environment. The rule-based environment of plant automation software creates a framework for silo-free design and reduced time to market. As part of the SmartPlant® Enterprise suite, products built for 3D modeling and visualization are integral components in a comprehensive automation solution.

Engineering and Schematics. Intelligent plant design is required to keep a plant operating efficiently and effectively over its 30- to 40- year life cycle. Designed to provide plant engineers with technologies built to ensure consistency and quality of data, Intergraph's plant automation software for engineering and schematics is a fully integrated engineering solution. By allowing a change in one area to affect change in each associated object, productivity is improved and efficiency increased. With solutions to design, manage, and maintain instruments, and plant automation systems to streamline process safety review, Intergraph plant automation software for engineering and schematics supports production plants throughout the entire life cycle.

Information Management. To ensure that engineering information is accurate and consistent, an intelligent information management solution is critical. Decision support capabilities are needed by plant engineers, designers, and owners in order for the global design, production and life cycle of the plant to be optimized. For every stage of the plant engineering process, from concept to operation, and maintenance to decommissioning, information management technology from Intergraph provides comprehensive solutions for the plant design and engineering industry.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. For a plant to obtain optimal efficiency, an effective Procurement, Fabrication and Construction solution must be in place throughout the entire life cycle of the project. Intergraph's materials management solution supports plant engineering regardless of size or purpose, with its flexible and adaptable platform. Additionally, materials management plant automation software from Intergraph can reduce engineering hours up to 15 percent and reduce total cost of installation up to three percent.

By implementing comprehensive solutions for plant engineering and management, companies will realize increased productivity, decreased costs and higher return on investment.

SmartPlant Enterprise - Innovative Plant Solutions

SmartPlant Enterprise is a comprehensive plant engineering and management solution that encompasses each aspect of the plant engineering and design industry. From design and deployment to decommissioning, Intergraph's robust plant automation systems can be deployed rapidly.

Visit our SmartPlant Enterprise page to learn more about the innovative technologies contained in this comprehensive solution. For questions on how Intergraph's intelligent solutions can benefit your plant design and management process, contact us.

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