Plant Control System

When downtime can cost millions of dollars a day, effective plant control systems are essential when it comes to preventing unscheduled maintenance in your plant operations. Intergraph SmartPlant® Instrumentation Powered by INtools® brings all instrumentation and plant control system information together so that it can be easily accessed and updated at any time.

SmartPlant Instrumentation also plans to introduce new copy plant functionality to allow you to copy proven plant designs to use as a baseline for new plant construction. We invite you to learn more about how our integrated solutions for plant control and monitoring can benefit your enterprise today:

SmartPlant Instrumentation - Plant Control System Benefits

SmartPlant Instrumentation enables integrated plant control systems that result in a variety of business benefits:

Reduce Operational Risk. A primary benefit of enhancing plant control systems management is that it reduces overall plant downtime and facilitates improved plant maintenance planning. Enterprises will save money through faster access to consistent data across the entire plant control system.

Optimize Staffing. Plant labor efficiency also improves when staff members have collective access to a plant control system via a single data environment and design rules.

Maximize ROI. Universal access to a plant control system helps improve your plant's bottom line by leveraging your plant data and enforcing consistency in design across all business systems.

SmartPlant Instrumentation - Plant Control System Features

SmartPlant Instrumentation provides a variety of innovative options for plant operations and project management across a unified plant control system:

Enhanced SmartLoop. This feature reduces engineering hours and eliminates the need for advanced drafting skills by providing data-driven loop drawing.

Knowledge Base. A unified knowledge base ensures consistency across all plant control systems and helps save time spent retyping and re-engineering.

Data Migration. Not only is it easy to import various data formats, but SmartPlant Instrumentation also helps to identify inconsistencies or missing data.

Fieldbus Plant Control Systems. SmartPlant Instrumentation is the only existing solution today that enables plant control system design with Fieldbus technology.

As-Built Project Management. This feature allows individual units simultaneously allocated to plant engineering or revamp projects while still maintaining them within normal plant operations. Upon project completion, new plant engineering data can easily be merged into the system.

Integrated Plant Control & Monitoring

From early conceptual plant design to industrial maintenance and plant operation, SmartPlant® Instrumentation enables integrated management of instrumentation and plant control systems across the entire life cycle of a plant. We encourage you to discover the benefits that plant control system integration can bring to your enterprise today.

To learn more about our plant control and monitoring solutions, please contact us today.

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