Plant Maintenance

Today's global economy faces more demand for more commodities. In order to fulfill these growing demands, a plant must produce its commodities, whether energy, pharmaceuticals or consumer goods, in the most efficient manner possible. As such, plant owners cannot afford costly shutdowns that disrupt production of valuable goods. A key component in the prevention of costly shutdowns is having an effective plant maintenance program in place.

More than 60 percent of the plants across the globe are designed with solutions from Intergraph. This proven track record gives Intergraph the ability to build its wealth of experience into innovative solutions for plant design, construction, and maintenance. We encourage you to explore the benefits of Intergraph's solutions for the plant industry:

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    Planning for an effective plant maintenance program begins at the start of the project. By employing intelligent solutions for each stage of the plant construction process, from design to deployment, a consistent environment conducive to implementing an effective plant maintenance program is created.
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    With a wealth of experience in plant construction, design, engineering and maintenance, Intergraph is qualified to answer your questions. You can also submit your questions, comments or sales inquires via our online form.

An Intelligent Plant Maintenance Program

With the proper foresight, a plant maintenance program can begin during the plant design stage. From creating a plant design free of engineering errors, to procuring the right materials, Intergraph's solutions provide plant owners with the tools they need to preserve data throughout the life of the project. Here are the areas in which Intergraph's solutions can impact your plant maintenance program:

3D Modeling and Visualization. Intergraph's 3D modeling and visualization solutions provide a collaborative environment for the development of plant designs. With intelligent technology that understands object relationships within the plant, Intergraph delivers error-free design capabilities, resulting in shortened project schedule times and increased productivity. With tools to support the entire project workflow, including those to analyze models of process and power plants, Intergraph data modeling and visualization software gives plant owners and designers early insight into the project, allowing for early implementation of a plant maintenance program.

Engineering and Schematics. From electrical data management to instrument engineering and process safety, Intergraph's engineering and schematics solutions integrate engineering disciplines to provide a comprehensive solution to plant engineering. With worksharing capabilities and collaborative support, a unified plant maintenance program can be quickly implemented.

Information Management. The management of information is critical for an efficient plant management program. By preserving the consistency of critical data, preventative maintenance measures are in place. Intergraph's information management solutions ensure the accuracy and integrity of valuable engineering data.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. Manufacturing plant efficiency is imperative for successful plant maintenance and operation. By creating a more efficient workflow and improving risk management, plant maintenance runs smoothly and efficiently.

Throughout the 30- to 40-year life of a project, intelligent plant maintenance is essential for maximizing efficiency and productivity. Intergraph's solutions enable plant owners to build a better plant, providing an environment conducive to effective plant maintenance.

Industrial Maintenance and Plant Operation

In addition to facing unique challenges such as strict safety regulations and environmental restrictions, plant owners face the ongoing process of industrial maintenance and plant operation. When owners build a better plant, costly unplanned shutdown is avoided and industrial maintenance and plant operation is optimized. By implementing industrial maintenance and plant operation solutions and avoiding costly shutdowns, facility owners and operators can focus on the production of valuable commodities, resulting in higher return on investment.

Intergraph provides innovative services and technologies to more than 60 countries worldwide. For more information on industrial maintenance and plant operation solutions, visit our plant maintenance page. To learn how you can leverage Intergraph's wealth of experience in industrial maintenance and plant operation solutions, including plant maintenance, design, and construction, contact us.

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