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Increasingly the role of plant management software is playing a part in the plant design process. Intergraph offers plant management and plant maintenance software solutions that allow you to integrate these elements in the very design of your next plant. Don't take our word for it, though. Just ask the builders of more than 60 percent of the plants built worldwide who all have chosen Intergraph as their plant design software provider.

Discover the ways Intergraph plant management software can help your organization institute cost-saving measures that also improve safety and quality, all before your plant is even built:

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    Discover complete plant project management tools from the first layout through everyday process measuring and management.
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Modular and Integrated Plant Maintenance Software

Intergraph offers a flexible suite of plant management software solutions, all of which are targeted enough to address very specific plant project management, yet modular enough to be completely integrated with other Intergraph programs. This approach allows you to use our plant management software from the very beginning of a project throughout the life cycle of the plant, with a flexibility and scalability that matches your company's natural growth.

SmartPlant Enterprise.Quite simply, SmartPlant Enterprise takes an enterprise approach to every area of plant design and engineering. By making plant management software and plant maintenance software a part of the full SmartPlant Enterprise suite, Intergraph allows plant manufacturers to address every need at every stage of new plant creation.

SmartPlant Instrumentation. When worked in at the plant design stage, this unique plant management software gives your organization the ability better store and manage your instrumentation and control data. This feature allows you to be better prepared for scheduled maintenance that minimizes downtime. Further, doubling as a plant maintenance software solution, SmartPlant Instrumentation helps you identify the causes of errors if, and when, they occur, for quicker repair.

SmartPlant Process Safety.Of all the concerns that go into plant management, software that can keep your employees and sometimes even the members of your community - healthy and free from injury or illness that can be related to a mistake in safety. SmartPlant Process Safety helps you manage hazardous materials, design emergency operational processes, and track any deviations from these safety plans.

SmartPlant Foundation.Plant project management that addresses the physical aspects of management, but neglects the informational aspects, is underserving its customers. Intergraph created SmartPlant Foundation as a complete informational plant management software tool designed for implementation in the design stages and last the entire life of your plant.

SmartPlant Materials.As Intergraph's proprietary plant project management software designed specifically for procurement, delivery, implementation, and transportation, SmartPlant Materials offers efficiencies that some organizations may overlook between plant engineering and construction. Designed to offer open access, SmartPlant Materials also allows your vendors to communicate with you and each other, eliminating any "grapevine effects" or communication delays.

Plant maintenance software and plant management software from Intergraph gives you the tools to create, monitor, and improve efficiencies as your business moves into the future - all in a way that ensure safety, quality, and optimal production.

Industry-Leading Plant Project Management

Learn more at our SmartPlant Enterprise plant management software page, or contact Intergraph for additional information about our plant management solutions today.

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