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In order for daily plant operations and management to run smoothly, solutions that streamline processes and workflows must be in place. Additionally, accurate representation of the plant must be available for efficient, day-to-day industrial maintenance and plant operations.

Intergraph develops forward-looking technologies that provide plant owners and operators with the tools they need to support effective and efficient industrial maintenance and plant operations management. We invite you to discover how solutions from Intergraph improve industrial maintenance and plant operations management:

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Industrial Maintenance and Plant Operations Solutions

Successful operations depend on effective plant design, intelligent engineering and efficient workflow processes. Intergraph's plant operations management solutions promote plant efficiency throughout the life cycle of the project. The SmartPlant® Enterprise family of products delivers solutions that span the entire life of the plant, resulting in improved plant operations management:

3D Modeling and Visualization. Accurate representation of a plant is a necessity for industrial maintenance and plant operations management. By providing plant software for engineers and designers that enables the creation and re-use of core designs, owners and operators are supplied with the information they need to support efficient industrial maintenance and plant operations management.

Engineering and Schematics. To achieve the highest return on investment, a plant must have accurate and consistent engineering data, as well as a safety management system in place. Intergraph's engineering and schematics solutions provide a knowledge base of safety information that plant owners and operators can leverage to ensure optimal production with maximum safety. Additionally, by integrating product offerings, day-to-day operations and maintenance can benefit from comprehensive solutions.

Information Management. Information management spans the entire life cycle of a plant. From plant design and deployment to day-to-day operations, information management solutions from Intergraph create a comprehensive resource about the plant, benefiting industrial maintenance and plant operations management. By providing secure access to vital plant information, information management solutions provide plant owners and operators with the knowledge they need wherever and whenever it is needed.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. By providing support for all material-related activities, Intergraph's solutions promote efficiency across the plant supply chain. By improving risk management, increasing competitiveness and reducing plant schedule, plant owners can realize higher return on investment. Standardization capabilities enable adherence to industry practices and society standards.

Intergraph's comprehensive solutions deliver industry-leading functionality that plant engineers need to ensure maximum productivity through the life of the plant.

Plant Operations Management & More

With high demands for commodities produced by today's global economy, industrial maintenance and plant operations management solutions must enable engineers to build a better plant. Because a better plant means smoother operations, increased productivity and less costly shutdown time, Intergraph's solutions provide engineers with the solutions they need to support each stage of the plant building process.

Learn more about how Intergraph's solutions support each stage of the plant engineering process, from conception to deployment and day-to-day operations at our Plant Design and Engineering page. You can also find out how Intergraph's solutions can work for your plant software needs by contacting us today for more information.

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