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Intergraph's unique approach to plant design has always extended beyond rudimentary design tools. Encompassing design, construction, management, and plant efficiency, our software addresses the full life cycle of your plant. This comprehensive approach also incorporates plant optimization tools for increasing efficiency and performance at the production level.

If your organization is taking a multi-faceted approach to greenfield or brownfield plant design - and it should - we encourage you to explore how plant optimization solutions from Intergraph can improve your plant efficiency.

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Realizing Plant Efficiency through Plant Optimization

Until recently, workflow efficiencies were often seen as following a process-oriented model that involved achieving the highest level of productivity. This approach overlooks a key factor, however: plant optimization. Increasingly, companies are looking at the possibilities of improving process, power and manufacturing plant efficiency by implementing plant optimization at the design stage of new structures or revamp projects. Organizations can utilize Intergraph plant optimization software to remodel existing locations for greater plant efficiency that complements - or even allows for an overhaul of - existing workflow processes.

3D Modeling. Intergraph offers an integrated design environment that companies can use to define and manage 3D plant models. This power allows users to visualize the projected effects of changes in design as they pertain to plant optimization. SmartPlant® 3D plant design software has a primary focus of plant optimization to increase plant efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and shorter project times. SmartPlant Layout takes the ideal plant optimization strategies gleaned from SmartPlant 3D and puts them into preliminary plant layouts; further, it supplements those layouts by including proposal development, design estimate, and plant efficiency statistics.

Visualization. The ability to put a 3D model into a virtual environment further illustrates the actual benefits of considering plant efficiency at the design stage - especially for corporate decision makers who don't have an engineering background. As such, Intergraph's PDS® is a CAD/CAE application that adds a higher degree of visualization to plant optimization design strategies and proposals. It does so by creating an interactive view that allows individuals the ability to engage in dynamic walkthroughs before the first penny is ever spent on construction or remodeling.

Structural Optimization. Once plant optimization has been achieved from the standpoint of improved plant efficiency for personnel or machine automation, Intergraph offers software tools that help your organization increase plant efficiency from a structural perspective. Tools like our I-Sketch® and SupportModeler® address pipe design and pipe support assemblies. And SmartPlant Review makes plant optimization plans available to all involved parties, both internal and third-party vendors, leveraging the collective knowledge of experts, while creating an opportunity for improved communication that ultimately improves plant optimization in the design stage and plant efficiency in the application stage.

These tools are just the beginning of Intergraph's total plant design software solutions. Organizations that implement plant optimization designs into their overall plant engineering models can realize the highest levels of cost savings and management control from the very start of a project. Intergraph can help.

Plant Optimization from Intergraph

Learn more about Intergraph's innovative software for plant optimization at our Plant Optimization Design and Engineering page or contact Intergraph today.

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