Plant Security Systems

In a current social climate that includes stringent safety requirements, governmental compliance guidelines, and the ever-present possibility of both domestic and international terrorism, the role of plant security systems in ensuring industrial plant security is of paramount importance.

In addition to basic plant site security, effective plant security systems provide incident management functionality to preserve structural integrity. They also deliver the tools necessary to ensure the safety of your employees by helping to develop security protocols and making sure all employees are accounted for in emergency situations.

Solutions for Plant Site Security

Intergraph offers numerous plant security systems solutions, such as our SmartPlant Process Safety offering, which uses your current organizational HAZOP knowledge and applies it across the enterprise, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reduced operational risk in daily operations, security breaches, and throughout structural engineering changes in your building.

For complete plant security systems solutions, trust Intergraph. With more than 40 years of experience, we are a recognized global leader in security.

Industrial Plant Security - Intergraph

Industrial plant security systems protect people, property, intelligence, and more. To learn how you can leverage decades of experience from Intergraph into your own plant site security measures, please contact Intergraph today.

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