New Power Plant Construction

Intergraph design software is used in more than 60 percent of plants built in the world, because Intergraph takes a full life-cycle approach to new power plant construction. Our software solutions allow your organization to realize the greatest cost savings over time by manufacturing plant efficiency right into power plant layout. Additionally, robust materials and information management software helps to ensure the greatest cost efficiencies during new power plant construction and well through the full life cycle of the plant.

If there is a new power plant construction project in your future, we encourage you to take a closer look at the powerful and flexible solutions available from Intergraph:

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Power Plant Layout

Through effective power plant layout, your organization can realize quicker, more cost-effective power plant construction. Further, power plant layout is the critical stage for implementing plant optimization measures that benefit your organization long past completion of new power plant construction.

3D Modeling and Visualization. Because your plant will not be a static environment, your power plant layout software should not treat it as such. Intergraph's 3D Modeling and Visualization software allows you to break from traditional design constraints and achieve visualizations that set your plant in motion, effectively allowing for plant optimization in the plant design process, rather than relying solely on labor workflow processes after new power plant construction is completed.

Engineering and Schematics. For maximum operating efficiencies, the ability to monitor complete operations and schedule plant maintenance for a time that minimizes production disruption should also be a consideration in the power plant layout stage. Software solutions from Intergraph allow your organization to improve future performance through sound engineering.

Power Plant Construction

New power plant construction projects can face a number of obstacles that slow progress and increase expenses related to surplus materials and inefficient communication between differing parties involved in your new power plant construction project. Intergraph offers comprehensive management tools that enable your organization to get a new power plant up and running as quickly as possible so you can begin seeing a return on your investment sooner.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. The ability to effectively manage materials and procurement costs enables your organization to reduce costs associated with engineering hours, installation, and surplus materials. Further, our new power plant construction software allows for data sharing across different design systems, clients, subcontractors, and suppliers. For continued cost efficiencies, Intergraph software allows for your organization to re-use data in subsequent new power plant construction projects.

Information Management. The ability for your organization to effectively manage information naturally provides benefits during new power plant construction. SmartPlant Foundation, the world's most proven, industry-standard engineering information management solution, supports your organization from initial power plant layout through construction as well as decades worth of operation. By creating an informational database that is instantly accessible to authorized parties, all information related to your power plant is available for the full life cycle of the plant.

New Power Plant Construction Solutions

Learn more about new power plant construction software solutions at our Nuclear and Power Plant Construction page, or Contact Intergraph today for additional information.

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