Nuclear Plant Maintenance

Nuclear power plant maintenance carries necessarily stringent requirements. To help your organization meet or exceed these requirements, Intergraph offers engineering solutions that integrate nuclear plant maintenance regulations directly into our rules-driven software applications.

To learn how your organization can leverage industry-leading plant engineering software to create greater plant efficiencies and improved nuclear plant maintenance throughout the full life cycle of your nuclear plant, please explore in-depth solutions from Intergraph:

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Nuclear Plant Maintenance

Engineering & Schematics Solutions

Decades of successful nuclear power plant operation often rely on an initial commitment to nuclear plant maintenance at the plant design stage. Intergraph offers a complete and fully integrated engineering solution that fits into today's 24/7 global workshare environment. This rules-driven approach responds to changes in one area by immediately initializing changes further down the process, helping to prevent the spread of errors and eliminate shutdowns.

SmartPlant® Instrumentation. Through initial implementation at the design stage, SmartPlant Instrumentation provides a square one solution that carries through construction and operation, especially regarding nuclear plant maintenance. This solution helps your organization manage and store instrumentation and control data in a way that allows for instant information updating to ensure decisions regarding nuclear plant maintenance are well-informed. The comprehensive nature of this solution also allows you to prevent unscheduled shutdowns and make necessary upgrades as requirements change, with minimal interruption to productivity.

SmartPlant P&ID. The piping and instrument diagram (P&ID) is an essential element to your overall nuclear plant design, but one that often gets updated and modified regularly as new engineering ideas arise. SmartPlant P&ID from Intergraph allows you to track changes for up-to-date information, while keeping an "as-built" model of the original design. This approach allows for quick reference during nuclear plant maintenance procedures, to help either confirm or eliminate suspicions related to P&ID, so your plant maintenance crew can quickly identify and correct problems.

SmartPlant Process Safety. The nature of nuclear energy and the potentially hazardous consequences of mismanagement demand a dedicated focus for your nuclear plant maintenance plan. SmartPlant Process Safety is a safety modeling application for conducting and managing hazard and operability (HAZOP) studies. By capturing and applying information, this solution helps to decrease operational risk and maintain quality, while integrating proper safety process protocols into nuclear plant maintenance.

SmartSketch. Through quicker, more intelligent design capabilities, SmartSketch enables the engineering of new parts, as they are needed, to address or modify current technology during nuclear plant maintenance. The capability to combine various file formats into a single document speeds the approval process as all necessary components are clearly visible, together.

SmartPlant Electrical. Intergraph offers modular software applications designed for seamless integration as your organization needs it. When it comes to nuclear plant maintenance, the ability to integrate SmartPlant Electrical solutions promotes critical data synchronization and sharing between electrical and instrumentation environments.

Whether integrated with other Intergraph Engineering and Schematic Solutions or any of the full-suite of Intergraph software applications, the ability to improve nuclear plant maintenance planning and execution is within your reach.

Intergraph Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Software

Explore our nuclear plant maintenance software solutions further at our Plant Engineering and Maintenance Software page. Then Contact Intergraph today to learn how your organization can start realizing the lasting benefits of nuclear power plant maintenance before your next nuclear plant construction project even begins.

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