Reducing Power Plant Construction Cost

Intergraph offers modular, scalable, and integrated solutions that address various areas to minimize power plant construction cost concerns, while simultaneously manufacturing plant efficiency into plant design to project lower power plant operating costs throughout the life of the plant.

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    Intergraph's suite of power plant design software tools offer an end-to-end solution that decreases power plant construction cost margins today and limits power plant operating costs for years to come.
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Reducing Power Plant Construction Costs

Power plant construction costs, if not watched closely, can add up quickly. Worse yet, some of this added power plant construction cost takes form as surplus materials, time for redesign, or other aspects that can (and should) be addressed in the plant design stage.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. The most visible power plant construction cost is in materials. Depending on the nature of the power plant being erected (i.e., nuclear, hydroelectric, etc.), power plant construction costs can vary considerably. The advantage to Intergraph's proprietary materials management tool SmartPlant® Materials is that, regardless of the type of power plant, the materials and procurement workflows can be optimized through efficient tracking and open communication interfaces for all parties, such as plant engineers, suppliers, and more.

3D Modeling & Visualization. Through rules-based modeling, Intergraph's 3D modeling and visualization solution allows companies to create power plant construction cost efficiencies through smarter design that aids in integrated, silo-free design that eliminates materials while still meeting regulatory standards.

Reducing Power Plant Operating Costs

While many plant operating costs can be addressed in the plant design stage, when manufacturing plant efficiency is most easily addressed, that is not the only way to address this issue. Intergraph offers industry-leading solutions that enable plant facilities maintenance professionals to monitor plant performance and share information with all related parties to realize a sustained reduction in power plant operating costs over time.

Engineering &Schematics.A key determining factor of power plant operating costs is the efficiency of current structural design utility and wear. Intergraph offers software solutions that empower your organization to design, manage, and maintain the very instruments integral to plant performance, as defined by your organization. This capability allows your plant facilities maintenance crews to create favorable power plant operation costs for daily operation, as well as schedule repairs at times that will minimize production interruptions.

Information Management. The cornerstone of any form of management is the ability to exchange information quickly and efficiently to aid in decision making. SmartPlant Enterprise includes Intergraph's plant information management solution that facilitates an open information-sharing system, while storing every bit of data about the power plant. This information is readily accessible allowing for daily strategic planning to reduce power plant operation costs, or to quickly make emergency repair decisions, thus minimizing production downtime and lowering power plan operations costs margins.

Intergraph Power Plant Construction Cost Solutions

Explore all of our power plant construction cost-limiting solutions at our Power Plant Construction Cost Capabilities page or contact Intergraph today.

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