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More than 60 percent of the world's plants have been built with the intelligent plant engineering solutions from Intergraph. As today's global economy is experiencing an increasing demand for commodities such as electricity, the need for better power plant design and software to facilitate efficient construction cannot be overstated.

Intergraph develops the groundbreaking technology that is needed to meet the demands of this expanding global economy. We invite you to learn more about power plant software from Intergraph, including life cycle management solutions and power plant design software:

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Power Plant Design Software

The intricacies of power plant design require intelligent software that can facilitate re-use of core designs and best practices. Intergraph provides power plant design software that reduces engineering costs, allows for concurrent engineering and shortens project schedules. Components of our power plant design software include:

3D Modeling and Visualization. Our 3D data modeling and visualization offerings provide comprehensive solutions for the power plant design process, including engineering, layout and visualization environments. These groundbreaking technologies are part of the SmartPlant® Enterprise family of products, which is used throughout the globe.

Engineering and Schematics. From instrument engineering and the creation of piping and instrumentation diagrams, to managing safety processes, Intergraph's engineering and schematics offerings enable plant owners to benefit from increased productivity and lowered production costs. Also part of our SmartPlant Enterprise family of products, engineering and schematics solutions deliver intelligent technology built to support power plant design and the entire plant life cycle.

  • Learn more about the engineering and schematics functionality of Intergraph's power plant design software offerings at our Engineering and Schematics page.

By providing technology that changes the way power plants are designed, built, and operated, Intergraph empowers plant owners to lower production costs, meet governmental and environmental regulations, and achieve higher return on investment throughout the life cycle of the project.

Additional Power Plant Software

In order to achieve cost-effective and efficient operations, power plant design must have intelligent engineering from the very beginning. In addition to providing power plant design software, Intergraph also delivers technology to support the life cycle of the project. Our power plant software is built upon a wealth of experience in developing solutions for more than 60 countries across the globe. Here are additional components of Intergraph's industry-leading power plant software:

Information Management. The foundation of a successful power plant operation lies in the management of its information. In order to truly streamline processes and consolidate information, a multi-dimensional information management solution must be in place. Intergraph's power plant software offers comprehensive tools for information management throughout the life cycle of the power plant. By integrating with other Intergraph products, facility owners benefit from an all-encompassing solution for the life of the project.

  • Learn how Intergraph's power plant software preserves data integrity while lowering costs at our Information Management page.

Procurement, Fabrication and Construction. For power plant engineering and maintenance to run smoothly and as cost-effectively as possible, it is imperative that a comprehensive Procurement, Fabrication and Construction system be in place. Intergraph's power plant software provides a complete solution to the complex challenges involved in material controls, communication with vendors and suppliers, and the tracking of materials. By supporting each stage of the plant creation process, our power plant software can improve productivity while maximizing return on investment.

Intergraph's power plant design and software products serve as the complete answer to the unique challenges involved in creating and maintaining a productive and effective power facility.

Build a Better Plant with Intergraph

For power plant design and life cycle management, the solutions offered by Intergraph are industry leaders. Our vast experience throughout the world and our proven track record is the reason why engineers choose Intergraph power plant design solutions when they want to build a better plant.

Learn more about the entire SmartPlant Enterprise family of power plant design products that give power plant owners and designers the ability to build a better plant. When you are ready to leverage the most comprehensive life cycle management and power plant design solutions in the industry, contact Intergraph.

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